New dexcom

My 8 year old nephew was diagnosed about 6 weeks ago and is getting a dexcom this week! Unfortunately, he is not as excited as all the adults are about it and is terrified it is going to hurt. We have shown him videos of kids his age using them, but he still does not want one. Any advice on how to make it less scary for him.

Is he getting the G5 or the G6? I’ll be honest, the G5 insertion hurts a little bit but only for a moment, at least for me as an adult.
I just got my G6 and inserted my first sensor on Wednesday. The inserter is large and a bit intimidating to look at, but it was so painless I didn’t think it has gone in even though it had!
There are some YouTube videos of people inserting than that you - he can watch that could put him at ease. I haven’t seen any with kids although there may be some out there.

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That’s good to know because he is getting the G6! Yea, we have watched a few YouTube videos with children and it still scares him. If I could put one in to show him I would, but obviously I can’t use his medical supplies. I now there will be so fear because it is new, but he’s so scared he doesn’t even want to try it. He said he would rather poke his finger.

Poor little guy. The only things that come to mind are

  1. Have the Tandem rep insert it for him - or I if you happen to know someone who uses it (maybe not likely) and whom you trust - have them do the first one. He might feel a little better if someone with experience does it the first time/s - no offense to you of course, but since you’re new to it yourself and no doubt nervous, he’s your “Guinea pig” if you’ll excuse the expression.
  2. You may not care for this one as it involves being a little sneaky and underhanded, but if he’s a firm sleeper you could put it on in his sleep. As I honestly said before, I didn’t even feel it going in. I thought I had done suggesting wrong! But here it sits, on my abdomen, tracking my numbers… If he wakes up and finds it on with no memory of it, that may comfort him a bit.
    Parents on the forum may get up in arms at that suggestion.
    Having said that I do want to let you know - on the forum there is a discussion title Dexcom G6 would not retract" or something along those lines. The last thing I want to do is make you worry more than you already are, but I think people should know about possible issues. Evidently the issue was with a certain lot number - I don’t recall it so you would have to scroll through the posts. In those cases it was very painful, but aside from those lots it sounds like most people have no problems. I believe someone posted a link to a video on how to release it.
    Having possibly scared you off (please forgive me) - there is another option that might serve as a “bridge” between his fingersticks and the G6: the Freestyle Libre. You have to swipe it periodically to update the readings in the receiver and most important, it does not have alarms, which. I imagine is very important to you. But it is much smaller and less intimidating and could be a less threatening way to start. I’m guessing you would have to pay out of pocket since you are getting the G6 but it is relatively inexpensive. They have one that lasts 10 days and another that lasts 14.
    Once you have the G6 on him you might want to use some tape to keep it in place. I found something on Amazon called a G6 shield - a guard that goes on over the sensor. Then you place your tape on top of that, and if you have to change the tape the sensor will not pull off with it.

Hi there! I am sorry that your nephew is feeling so scared of the Dexcom insertion. Naturally! My daughter is 4 years old and she just started having it inserted while awake. As @wadawabbit suggested, for the first six months, we did the insertion while she was asleep. We actually gave her the option to be awake or asleep and she chose asleep. Both my husband and daughter wear a G6 and according to both of them, the most intimidating part of insertion is the sound; the click is loud.
Just recently, we started offering to watch a favorite movie while doing the sensor insertion. This way, our daughter isn’t really paying attention when we put the sensor in. After a couple of these insertions she found it is not all that bad and last week we were able to just put it on while playing.
Good Luck. Let that little guy know it’s OK to be scared. It’s only natural. Hopefully after a couple of insertions he will feel better about it. Dexcom is a life changer when its working properly. Hang in there.

I bet if you ask someone would mirror you with facetime. Maybe you getting to watch and talk to someone doing it would help. I am on the G5 so probably wouldn’t help as much but would be willing if you would find comfort in it.