New diabeties android app

I am interested in creating an all inclusive all around android based ( maybe Iphone after the android app is developed ) Diabetes app ... I am posting this to get your feedback as there are a lot of apps currently available but they are not all that great and not ALL inclusive ... by this I mean there are apps that allow you to look up carbs in foods ( etc ) and log apps and other apps what I am posting this forum message about is to BRAIN STORM all of the best ideas into this one APP and make it something to really help and assist with daily living. IF you have an idea or some input as to what you would like to see in the app please post a message and let me know or if you know anyone that does app development and or programming please put them in touch with me as well. I hope to have create this app to benefit all and was thinking to charge maybe - 1$ or 2$ and donate all income from it to JDRF and The American Diabetes association ... Please post your input ... I am Very interested and would like to make this a COMPLETE APP

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My ideas so far is a VERY extensive food database with CARB ( and other important ) info needed only for diabetics a support forum built into the app so users can ask questions and share exp with each other. of course a log keeping system ( one that can be exported, printed and emailed from the app ) links to sites such as JDRF and ADA a tab for doctor and emergency information ... giving a first responder information important to the treatment of the person with diabetes ... Name, Age, Insulin Type, Bolus and other info ... PLEASE give me your input and let me know what you would like to see added ... Thanks again and I hope to be able to start development on this app very soon like the start of may and have it out before the summer

Midnite's suggestions are great.  

I like how the Track 3 app makes pie charts and bar graphs of my blood sugars.  I've not found an app that will email a usable report to my doctor (or to me), which would be handy for appointments.

Maybe also a spot to save pump settings.  My pump has died before and it's tough to remember basal rates and other settings.

hi Jenna, do you use the carelink site from minimed?  modal reports are really great.

No, but thanks for the reminder.  I'm getting a new pump in the next couple weeks and am switching to the Counter Next meter, so carelink will be more useful.  

I'm a die hard fan of One Touch Ultra Mini meters and they don't send glucose readings to the pump.  Since I rarely enter glucose readings into the pump manually, unless calcuating insulin on board, my pump doesn't have much information.  

With Track 3 I set my own glucose parameters and liked being able to see a bar graphs and pie charts that show the percentage I'm in my magical 80-120mg/dl range.  Plus (and this is childish and embarassing to admit) it was nice to show my doctor, husband and mom that while I still have highs and lows, overall my glucose is in decent shape.  

Data entry needs to include all meds and "supplements", food, exercise, health issues, mood, hormone cycles, and "non-specifics".  Data entry needs the ability to alter the time of the event.  Therefore data may be entered from the past tense.  Nobody needs to be entering the data during meetings, while driving, etc.  That's one of my biggest complaints for the Dexcom event data and calibration data entry.

Have you looked at the predictbgl android app?

I would love to have an app that would have a standard log book, access to a database for carb info, maybe a list of medical professionals local to each user who help with diabetes from endocrinologist to therapist with experience helping diabetics and maybe the option to review or recommend them. I also think the forum idea would be good but I’d be happy if an app was made for this forum rather than a different one included in another app. Charts and graphs showing trends and averages of your blood sugar could be nice but they’re not a necessity for me.

On another note Id personally love a diabetic phone case that when turned on turns your phone into a blood glucose meter that then links to an app on your phone like the one we want and if you didn’t have the case you could still use the app as just another tool like you’re trying to create