New Diagnosis for my 5 year old daughter

We recently found out that our daughter was diagnosed with T1d. Just like all of you here we are figuring this thing out and she is adjusting well for the most part. My daughter is 5 years old and she said she is determined to kick diabetes butt! That is in her own words. I think she is stronger than my wife and I. I think she is taking it better than both of us.

Hello there, this is such a tough time for parents and children with the original diagnosis, my 6 year old son was diagnosed in November, and not to they really show you how much we underestimate their strength!!! I’m happy to hear your daughter is handling it well. My son is my hero now, he does very well and really is catching on to counting carbs and reading labels. I was told my a physician I work with that there is always a silver lining, our is these kids will grow up more mature and responsible. And I believe that one hundred percent! It’s almost a blessing in this crazy world. I’m sorry I’m rambling this is my first post on here and it’s just nice to reach out to other type one families!

And one veteran type one mom told me, it’s one meal at a time, if you look beyond that you will drive yourself crazy!

I was diagnosed in 1945, when I was 6. After 70 years of type 1, I have good diabetes health. Some mild nerve damage, but no other diabetes related complications. My mom, and my wife have helped me so very much. We have two sons, two grandkids, and none of them have diabetes. Your daughter can have a long, healthy life if she takes good care of herself. The life expectancy of young type 1 people in the US is almost as good as it is for non diabetics.

I’m so sorry your daughter and family are going through this. I was diagnosed at age 4 and have had diabetes almost 40 years. Was a brave kid, rebellious teen and finally grew up and started taking better care of myself as an adult. I’ve travelled, married a nice man and have a healthy, non-diabetic son. An insulin pumphelped me me healthy for the last 15 years. I hope to retire in another 20 years and take care of my grandkids. There are many of us living normal, everyday lives with type 1. I don’t mean to diminish the frustration, fear or pain that can come with diabetes. But I know like any other challenge it’s helped make me who I am. Your daughter is going to be ok.

I bet you are afraid. I know when I was seven in 1947 and went into a coma and was diagnosed with type 1 diabetic my parents were scared, and had gone through a lot of illness with me before I went into a coma. Our physician kept telling them that I needed a tonic because I had just had the chicken poxes; then a month later a bad case of the mumps. After coming out of the coma and spending a month recuperating and getting semi-healthy I went back to school. When I was in the hospital my class learned all of the multiplication tables and where now into division. My teacher told me to just try to learn; I would catch on…I still hate math. I am now 75 and have had 3 kids, all healthy. I have little complications for the length of time I was diagnosed. I had a full carrier, and always looked at the good in people and situations. A healthy mind promotes a healthy body. Smile a lot and make those around you happy too.

Don’t be scared, read as much as you can about diabetic (as my parents did), and learn with your child. They have such a different life than I did. People are more aware of how to treat a child with type 1. Every day science comes another step further in developing techniques to better their lives. My mother would boil my glass syringe in the same pot she boiled eggs, and sharpen the needles with emery cloth. I am rooting for you and your babies. Both she and the 6 year old boy will do fine.

Hi; your Subject caught my attention… my 5-yo daughter was just diagnosed on Monday.
I have the slight (stupid/hateful) advantage that I am also Type 1, so at least injections and finger-sticks are not completely new. I’m still scared, though I know it’s just the newness and that eventually it will seem normal for her and for me.

Looking forward to sharing stories, and reading the above.

For now, sending love and best wishes for peace & strength.

~ Becki

Thank you all for the kind words and the support. I am sure that we will be fine. I look forward to talking to all of you and send each and everyone of you my best.


Thank God we have these blogs so we can support each other. May God Bless you and yours. Dottie