New Doc

College athlete looking to transition from pediatric to adult endocrinologist.

Need Dr. that works with athletes and sports oriented.  DC/NOVA/MD area.

Unfortunately don't have any specific recommendations.  

Ask your pediatric endo for doctors.  I've also had good luck calling endo offices and explaining the type of doctor I'm looking for (in your case, an endo who is experienced with type 1 athlete patients) and asking the people who book appointments for their recommendations.  

I really like my endo in Falls Church, VA. I don't know if she does anything specifically for athletes but she is very detail-oriented and got me on pump/CGM. She will analyze my data for me if I fax/mail it to her if I am too busy to make an appointment. They just recently got a web-based appointment request and lab results program. Respond if you would like more details.

There are also INOVA hospital diabetes care teams (dietitians, support groups, diabetes nurses) but you need a referral (just search for "INOVA" and there is more info under "Diabetes Education Services"). They can analyze your data, schedule and diet and help you come up with a plan, but they can't request lab work (HbA1c, urine), etc. You could try calling them to see if they can recommend an endo!

This is kind of a left field option, but try emailing

Integrated Diabetes is Gary Scheiner's consulting company in PA.  He's a type 1 exercise physiologist and may be able to recommend a good doctor in your area.