New doctors/providers challenging

Went to an opthamologist this week for ocular hypertension. He assumed I have been Type 1 for many years (He didn’t read the diagnosis date that I filled out in the history). I told him I was diagnosed 6 months ago. He didn’t believe me at first. Maybe I was pretending to have diabetes? I told him it can hit at any age but he said that was extremely rare. We need better education out there for type 1 onset so people are aware. Luckily I was not misdiagnosed when presenting with DKA.

Wow! I am a Pharmacy Technician and I have to do “Continuing(?) Education” courses to renew my liscense every year. I don’t know about Opthamologists but I would think that that would be something they have to do as well. I am sorry that that happened to you. This is why I get really anxious when I have to go to see any kind of provider. I too went to the opthamologist recently and he said he found a small hemmorage in my left eye. Though, he reassured me that on a scale of 1-100, 100 being blindness, I was at a 3. I hope that the hypertension isn’t terrible.

Hope your hemorrhage didn’t cause too much trouble. Can you do anything to avoid recurrence?
The ocular hypertension is moderate in left eye, just borderline in the right eye. May start treating the left eye with drops to lower the pressure. No visible nerve damage, yeah! I am going to do a visual field test soon.