NEW Electronic Carb Counting/Diabetes Planner Device

I have a son who is 15 that was diagnosed 5 years ago with Type 1......with all the challenges that diabetes brings to our children and us as parents, I was looking for a way to 'simplify' counting carbs!  Well I have found it!  I want to share this device with as many others as I can in hopes that it too will help 'simplify' your diabetes management!  If you are interested in knowing more about the product , 'Track3' , you can go to this Link:

The kids really enjoy the 'small electronic device' with their knowledge of all the new electronic devices out there!  It is also convenient for them to slip in their pocket or purse to take it on-the-go or to school to help with their 'carb counting' etc....  we use it every day!  It sure has made the task of 'carb counting' so much easier.....

Thank's for the info....on Carb Counting divice. My son who is 3.5 years old was just diagnosed with Type 1 about a month ago so everything is so new to us. But I am sure this device should help out a lot because I do struggle on counting the so hard!! Looking forward to trying this...thank's again.



Bivan...You are welcome!  I know it is so overwhelming when your child is first diagnosed ... I wish we had known about this device when our son JL was diagnosed, but I'm just glad to have found it now and be able to share it with others!  I hope this will help 'simplify' the challenging part of 'carb counting', as well as the other 'logging' of insulin, BG, can use it as your 'diabetes planner' to keep all your records in one place for your health provider.  The software that comes with it is very useful as well!  I hope you will find the Track3 as helpful as we have.....let me know if I can help in any way!    Dar


Thanks!  I'm going to order it.

Our son was diagnosed 3 years ago at age 7, and so now at age 10 it's becoming more difficult to follow him to EVERY social event just to help him determine carbs.  I keep wondering what's going to happen as he becomes a teenager and it's oh-so-critical to be one of the gang.  Anything I can do to keep things humming along for him "inconspicuously" will help!

I'l let you know how it works out.

How did you hear about it?

Hi 'Ryansmom'!

You are so welcome.!!!  My goal is to share this device with as many others as I can to help 'simplify' the challenges of diabetes with our children!  My son is at that 'teenager' stage, and I know what you mean!  JL has been really good about trying to stay on track with his diabetes carbs, etc, while trying to be 'part of the gang'! .....the Track3 has really helped us all to look up carbs so quickly and he can take it with him on-the go! It's great because they can save their 'favorites' so that they are easy to access!  The kids are so good at these 'electronic devices' and hopefully Ryan will enjoy using it!  I am always happy to answer any questions you may have.  I found the Track3 several months ago online and inquired to the manufacturer 'where is this product' and he said only 'online' that time he was in the process of updating the data, etc. on the devices and wanting to 'reach the medical field' with it, so I am now working to do that for him, as well as give back to the JDFR thru the web site!! My husband works for Novo Nordisk (make insulin, etc.) so we are very much a part of the 'diabetes world' and working for a cure and to help others!

Let me hear how the Track3 works for you!!  Thanks!


Thanks again, Dar!

I will definitely let you know our review of the Track3.  Sounds like a big help!


Hey everyone we are holding a contest and the winner will get a track3 device check out the details here

Can you tell me how this device differs from something like Calorie King (website).  I've been trying to find something like the Track3 for a while and it occured to me that maybe a smartphones with internet access would do the job, if it could can access the Calorie King website.  So I was thinking about getting a smart phone. Then I saw your post...

Hillary....I'm not exactly sure how the Calorie King works on the Smartphones....but as far as the Track3 it is a handheld electronic device that you can look/log over 50,000 foods (250 rest. & 500 brands) plus save favorites & meals, and even calculate recipes!  You can log BG, Insulin, meds, ketones, exercise as well!  There are also 1000 spaces available to put custom entries into.  The software that comes with the device/USB cord allows you to download the information from your Track3 to keep detailed records/charts of all your entries up to one year!  These can be printed out for your health care providers to see!  We will also have a 'iPhone App' for the Track3 within two weeks!!  It is a great tool to help 'manage your diabetes' all in one place! 

I just added an app to my blackberry for carb counting.  They had a couple of choices but I added the livestrong app.  It also has an internet option.

My son is 8.  I don't feel is is ready for the trac 3 yet but I have looked at them.  They are very nice.

Lori...yes there are several Apps available for Carb a matter of fact,  the Track3 is going to have a 'Blackberry App' very soon, as well as the CalorieSmart!  We will also be adding the feature of Carbs/Glucose Ratios to Insulin dosage...which wil be a great addition!  Good Luck with your Livestrong App....anything to help our children and ourselves simplify the management of Diabetes! 

That sounds wonderful!  I can't wait... that would be a perfect addition.  Any idea when it will be released?

Not sure on the 'release date' as of yet, but the 'iPhone' should be out by the end of May and then we are in the process of working on Blackberry....I will keep you posted! 

That would be great!  Thanks!