New enlite sensor

Hey everyone,

I had a mini end sensor when I was in high school and the sensor was really uncomfortable and didn’t really work that well. I’m graduating from nursing school in May depending on whether or not I get in to med school I’ll either be going there or finding a job as a nurse and I’ll most likely be living without roommates. I’m thinking about getting the new enlite system from minimed and was wondering if anyone was using it (it might be too early still) and what they thought of it as well as how long the sensor is. I can’t use straight insertion sites most of the time because they hit muscle and I’m worried that the sensor will be too long and I won’t be able to find a good place to put it! Thanks =)

Hi @R.Olson,

I put a call out on the T1Nation FB and twitter pages to see if anyone is currently using the MM Enlite. To be continued!

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I’ve been wearing the Elite since the end of November. Before that I was wearing the mm sof sensors, which were absolute harpoons. The needle on the Elite inserts at a 90 degree angle and is similar in length to the Quick set infusion sets from MM if you’re familiar with those. Maybe even a little smaller. I’d be happy to answer any other questions you have.

I used the “harpoon” sensor fire s couple months about 4 years ago but gave it up due to the discomfort of it. I decided I needed a CGM again about 2 years ago when I was diagnosed with Addisons disease and the daily steroids made my blood sugar even more unpredictable, and I had always been “brittle”. So in August of 2013 I got the Dex G4 system. Loved it except for carrying two devices. My pump went out of warranty in November so I switched to the Enlite when I got a new one. It is much better than the old Sofsensor. I seem to be having some allergy issues with the adhesive, but the threshold suspend has literally saved me several times in the past 6 weeks when I had lows at night-including last night. Anyway, I can answer questions about Dexcom G4 or the Enlite.

I will add to my comment that I’m having accuracy issues with my Enlite. Granted no sensor on the market is as accurate as any of us want it to be, but right now I feel like I’m fighting with my Enlite more than I did the sof sensors. I’m surprised to read that the commenter above switched from the G4 to the Enlite. I don’t have any experience with a Dexcom but most of the bloggers I follow wouldn’t trade theirs for the world. I just couldn’t bring myself to carry another device around, though the G4 is supposedly much more accurate.

I was afraid the Enlite would be less accurate after reading reviews but I have not found that to be true for me so far. Two devices about drove me crazy with my hectic life and I feel I can push more to lower my a1c with the threshold suspend. Dex didn’t wake me up with lows, and the Enlite hasn’t always either but at least it suspends. I will say that Dexcom wins hands down on comfort and the adhesive. If medtronic and Dexcom were integrated it would be awesome.

I used to use the Minimed Sof-sensors too. Calling it a “harpoon” is the perfect description LOL! It really did hurt like hell at insertion! And the sound it made wasn’t any better either, because you just wait for it to hurt going in with the loud click/stab! The other problem I had was that it was so clumsy to wear. And no matter how much tape or adhesive I put it would pop off!

I never had a problem with accuracy like others in the online community have had though. I used to have pretty close numbers most of the time. I just honestly couldn’t take the insertion. It bruised me, I would get gushers when I pulled it out it was terrible!

A lot of people have said insertion is better with enlite but, I just don’t think I want to give up my Dex g4! It stinks wearing the MM pump AND the G4 but the tape sticks, it doesn’t hurt, and its pretty right on the mark with blood sugar comparisons.

in a perfect world dex and MM would combine haha

Thanks for all of your comments! I’m currently on an animas pump so my option if I stay with them is the dexcom and I know they have an integrated system that is supposed to be coming out soon/is already out in Europe but doesn’t have the low suspend. I don’t think having two devices would work so well with my scrubs with pockets already full of fruit snacks, a pump and my meter so I definitely want integrated, but I also know I’ll give it up again if it’s uncomfortable.

@BethanneT1 I have allergy issues with adhesive in general and use SkinPrep pads from Smith & Nephew before putting I my infusion set. Might be something to look in to, I can just get them from my pharmacy.

Also, if you had the choice between the animas/dexcom combined system or the enlite wirh the threshold suspend which one would you take? Since you’ve tried both sensors…

@KSmerk12 thanks for the size comparison. I was on the quickset for a long time before switching pumps so I can be somewhat sure that there shouldn’t be an issue with the length =)

I started on the 530G and Elite Sensor a little over 2 weeks ago and wanted to get some advice/ideas. I have a terrible time with having a high enough ISig during sleep and other times throughout the day. (I have not been able to wear it more than 2 1/2 days) Resulting in lost sensor, calibration error, weak signal, etc. Extremely frustrating. During the night it always says my sugar is under 40 when it is not according to blood glucose and this is when my Isig goes to less than 10. I am extremely athletic and when exercising it also provides me with inaccurate readings saying it is below 40 and BG is above 100 and also have problems with the tape. I feel that I need it to be most accurate when sleeping and exercising, which is when it is the most inaccurate. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


As far as alarms and lost sensors, I found over the years with MM that it helps to wear your pump on the same side of your body as the sensor (if the sensor is on the right side of your stomach, keep the pump in your right pants pocket if at all possible). This seems to cut down alarms like that for me.

As far as the inaccuracies your guess is as good as mine on any given day. I find that sometimes my sensors just “work” and sometimes they don’t for reasons I can’t explain. The first 24-36 hours is almost always the worst in my opinion. Sometimes it straightens itself out after that but not always.

Like I said in an earlier post, me and Enlite are learning to get a along here. The Sof Sensors may have been awkward and painful but I feel like I at least knew what to expect from them.

The dexcom is awesome

I started using the Enlite system about 2 weeks ago. I like the sensor, but the 503G to me is a poor pump as it’s alarms are very low in sound compared to my 722. I did several tests and had to have the pump replaced, but still not happy with the alert sound level.

Also, i found the the enlite can give false lows if you sleep on it as it pushes the blood away from area. You would think that since they have had this out in England for 6 years they would know all of this – the low threshold SIREN is NOT a SIREN — and the average wait time to get someone for help is 45 minutes at Medtronic.

I like my 722 and it was fine -

The Enlite is very comfortable and easy to insert, but the pump is a JOKE!


I actually had to go back to Dexcom after weeks of unrelenting itching and blisters with the Enlite. I tried everything and nothing helped. As a matter of fact, I still have thickened itchy skin where I removed the Enlite two weeks ago. I tried Tough Pads, Tegaderm, hydrocortisone cream, with and without skin prep. Always a reaction. Never had one reaction to Dexcom.

Anyone that works out a lot and sweats? If so how has it been with the Dexcom? I have a lot of problems with the Elite. Thanks!

@Laura P, ME!!

I do crossfit and sweat like you would not believe and pop and off it comes. Even my pump comes off sometimes too! Call up Medtronic/Dexcom and tell them they will send you glue and tape samples to see which works best for you.

Thanks. I just feel like the sweat was getting under the tape. Was thinking something other than tape may work better?! Which CGM do you have. Wore elite for a couple weeks and was having so many problems. Waiting for new sensors and will try again. Have thought about changing to dexcom… Thanks for the quick response!

My issie is with the 530G pump itself. Not the Enlite – I do not like the pump - there is too much hype about it.

I use extra tape to hold the tranmitter in place.

I had to wear my new Enlite for about 6 weeks before the sensor readings started matching up with my meter readings, but once they did I became MUCH happier with the sensor.

Thanks for the info KSmerk12. Do you know what the reason is that it took so long? Maybe its the same for me. Thanks!