New fear

So, I'm a non-diabetic mom of a type 1 son, and I'm loving the support, humor, and intelligence of the people on this site.  But I've develop a new fear:  whatever will I do if I develop type 2?  I feel I could NEVER confess that on this site.  I mean, I catch myself having derisive thoughts about type 2s, so I'm not fussing at anybody for what they think or say.  But I'm 42, my dad was dx t2 at 40, my mom was dx t2 at 60, and my only sibling (I just learned) was dx t2 at 43.  I'm overweight, although not obese, at least according to my wiiFit ;-).  I'm not accepting it as inevitable.  Injuries have held me back this year (in the past year I've torn each achilles tendon AND spiral fractured my big toe), but I hope to start back dancing in just a few weeks, so please send weight loss vibes my way.  Oh, I think I need good balance vibes, too.


Should my post have been a blog rather than a post to forums?  Could someone be specific with me about the difference?

As far as I'm concerned, Angie, there is no difference between blog posts and forums. Wherever you post it we'll be here for you!!

And to be honest, I for one could care less if you end up a type 2 diabetic. Diabetes doesn't make the person; and I also know you're such a great person that it could never change you. Whatever happens, no matter what happens, we're all still a Juvenation family - one of which you are now and always will be a part of. Don't worry; even if you do develop type 2 diabetes it's just a change to show us again what Angie can do. Of course, do what you can to prevent it should that be what you desire. But really, don't worry!

I think that you will still get the support you have looked for on this site even if you become diabetic yourself.  Just keep up the exercise, healthy eating and weight loss and keep us informed...i think most people on here will support you for both your son and you.

im sure there are misinformation and stereotypes about type 2 so you could always clear those up. none of us will care if you are type 2 though

Hey, if you do get type 2 you'll only make us care more! It took being diagnosed with type 1 for a lot of us to realize it is out there and make a difference. Of course I'm rooting that you're healthy forever and always! But should you ever face a diagnosis, maybe you'll end up being our key to making a difference in type 2 as well :)

Hi Angie - I have had a similar conversation with others here. I feel like I've changed my attitude toward T2's since being on this site.  Past feelings were "put the fork down", "get some exercise", "eat better" etc etc - I'm embarrased to even admit that now.  I think my past frustration and anger pushed me toward that easy route.  After speaking with a few here, I have softened quite a bit and I understand and accept that not all T2's have a choice.  My physical therapist was telling me yesterday that her 60 year old, retired career military man and fit as a fiddle was just diagnosed with T2.  I felt for him like I would any other T1!  You have been a great member on this site - I think everyone would accept you without hesitation.  Given your family history - you know what to do and it seems like you are doing it.   Please don't feel like you couldn't come to everyone here should you be diagnosed T2.  You have more than earned your place!  Be well.

I'm on your side if you end up being diagnosed. I no longer care about T1 vs. T2. I hate both illnesses with equal passion for reasons which I will not go into here. I used to be prejudiced against T2, but that was ripped out of me, quick. And it's not the T2's I was really resenting, but the ignorance. Genetics plays a big part in T2, from what I understand of it. As hard as T1 is, 2 has its stigma...I wonder how that would make people being diagnosed w/2 feel. As if having a chronic illness that requires change after a lifetime isn't rough enough. I feel lucky, in some ways, to be diagnosed T1 at age 5.

Either way, you sound like an extremely capable person, one who can handle anything thrown her way. I'd send you vibes, but I think you already have your own. Although I'd like some anti laziness vibes, so I can muster up the energy to read through the rest of the health care plan. Oy. And I have no good balance vibes. Sorry. I'll send you joy in life vibes...those are pretty much good for anything.

I think if you were diagnosed with Type 2, it would almost be a good thing (please note the use of the word "almost"...).  Then, your family could become a "poster family" for diabetes, used to educate people on the differences, and similarities, between T1 and T2.  Just think...  you would have real-life concrete examples of dealing with the ups and downs of both.  Then, NOBODY would be in any position to dispute anything you would tell them, as is often the case when I try to educate people on the differences.

All that being said, do what you can to avoid such a diagnosis, but if it is written in the books, grab it by the horns and run with it!  Don't worry, we will all be here for you!

I am thanful for this post---Every experience I have ever had with a type 2 has been positive.They have all been good.hardworking,caring people.Any negative things said to us have been from nondiabetics.Now with that being said-if they would have come from a type2,I would cut them no slack--rude is rude,and hurtful things said by anyone is wrong.---When we were told our daughter had type1,my husband was quick to say he had type2.We were told type1 was different than type2.We listened and never looked back..I feel he can't be the only Type2 parent with a type1 child.It is good to know that any parent that is in need of help,and is hurting for their child-can come to Juvenation and be accepted.