NEW Feature on Track3 Electronic Diabetes Device

The 'Track3' Electronic Diabetes Device has recently added a NEW feature to help 'simplify' Diabetes Management!  An 'Insulin Calculator' is now a part of the 'Track3' to help you figure your Insulin Dosage based on your Carb Ratios and BG/Correction Factor Ratios.....a GREAT addition !!!

When my son, JL, was first diagnosed with Type1 Diabetes two of the most difficult parts was the Carb Counting and the Insulin Dosage .....with the 'Track3' device both of these 'tasks' are all in one place at the 'touch of a finger'!  You can look up over 50,000 foods to log your Carbs, and figure your Insulin, as well as log your exercise, BG, meds, etc. to be saved and printed off for your health provider!  

Make your life easier with your Diabetes Management.....'simplify' with the 'Track3'!!!  Go to to purchase these products thru DM Distributing.  The website also gives back to 'Diabetes Charities' thru the proceeds of sales!