New Freestyle Test Strips Incorrect

I've been using the new freestyle test strips (the yellow bottle, the ones with the butterfly on them) and they are great! They seem to need less blood and to work quicker.

The problem? I'm not sure if they're correct.

Yesterday at dinner I measured in at 60! Yeah... I wasn't feeling low, and normally I'll feel low at 80. So that seemed weird. So I checked again and I was 62. I decided to go for a walk to "see how I felt" and I felt maybe a little low, but normally I thought I could tell. I got back to our table (tested again) and was 61. At this point I got a little confused, started forgetting how to talk... etc. But. I didn't seem 60 low. I seemed more like... 90 and slowly SLOWLY dropping.

Questioning the test strips makes me really... weirded out though. I'm not a great tester anyway, I'm trying to do better. But if these aren't even giving me the right results... 

Arg. Anyone else suspicious of the new test strips?

Because you were consistently getting similar numbers, the strips are more than likely correct. Just sounds like you were having a moment when you didn't feel low. We all have them. If you were getting numbers all over the place, I would question your test strips. ... But you weren't. :o)

In my opinion, the meter is smarter than I am. I pretty much always trust it - especially if a second test verifies it.

Thanks for the advice C! You're right, I guess I'm just a little psyched out being so low and not... knowing. It really sneaks up on you sometimes!

I'm realizing that I'm still really "young", Diabetes and I have only been together... 5 years this January. And I had such an incredible honeymoon (for the past 4 years) that I'm only now learning a lot of requisite things for good management. 

No problem. I'm a diabetes Grandma compared to you. Haha. Those moments of being low and not knowing can be scary. I always keep stuff with me and check often. Now that I have a CGM, it's less worrisome for me, but D always has a way of surprising you. Good luck :o)

I have used Free Style meters and strips since the fall of 2006. The strips, both old and new, have been very reliable, and accurate.

John, I broke out laughing when I read your post!  This happens to me sometimes too.  I'll swear I'm low and my bs will be fine, or I'll feel fine and my bs is either super low or super high.  I tend to talk to (and sometimes curse at) my meter when this happens, and I get funny looks if I do it in public.  Ahhh, good times...