New friends

Hi my name is Emily i was diagnosed with type one 7/9/15. i just need someone to talk to because I cant talk to any one in my family.

Hi Emily! My name is Sev! I completelt understand that frustration, you can email me personally if you want!

Emily – I would to connect you with my daughter almost 1 year T1D – she could use a friend to talk also … How old are you

HI Emily, I’m Neethu :slight_smile: Alwayz here to hear yu :slight_smile:

Hi Emily! I’m Ashley and I’m here!

Hey Emily!
My name is Emma and I’d be happy to talk!

Hi Emily!
Diabetes is hard and scary. However with its cons comes great positives such as a strong community of diabetics who experience the everyday struggles you are going through. When I tend to have a rough diabetes day, I try to distract myself with things I love such as listening to music, hanging out with friends or going running. I have found physical activity is really helpful especially when my bgs were crazy that day because I feel as if I sweat out all the bad hormones that linger after my rocky bgs. In addition, sometimes its just easier/nicer to cry it all out. If you need someone to talk to feel free to message me.