New friends?

hey everyone! I’m emma & I’m 17 and a senior high school from ga. I’ve been living with type 1 for 11 years now. i don’t have too many close people who have diabetes too that i can talk with. I’ve been struggling with my diabetes recently and feeling like I’m kinda in burn out. I’m also pretty nervous for college and my diabetes so if anyone has some tips on that, that would be cool. honestly just looking for some people to talk to who are struggling with the same thing as me and who get it. (:

Hey Emma my name is Levi I am going off to college this august and would be glad to talk to you about diabetes. Do you have a kik or anything like that?

Hi Emma,

I am also 17 and preparing for college. I found this website that is super helpful for diabetics getting ready for college. It’s called College Diabetes Network. It has a lot of info on what diabetics need for college, what questions should we ask the school about our accommodations, and what should we do when going abroad/away for college.
If you feel like you are getting burnt out cause of the stress that diabetes creates. What helps me is to do things I like: in short, to distract myself. Diabetes is hard but life is still manageable, fun and exciting. Try to focus on the positives like: how your friends are funny, or how you love this one song by your favorite band. I find sometimes, too, when I’m really emotionally down because of my activity. runny/physical activity can really help. I feel like running helps me sweat away all the sad hormones I have in my body. I hope this is helpful. Feel free to message me if you what to talk.

hey emma! I’m also prepping for college and would love to talk! :slight_smile:

Heyy:) I don’t have any friends with diabetes so it would be great to get to know you. I’m 18 and have just started Uni this year . I would love to become friends with you​:blush::blush::blush:

Hi emma! I am 17 and have had diabetes for 8 years and would love to talk!:slight_smile: I am stressing about college next year as well so maybe we can help each other out through the stress!!