New friends ☺️

Hey!! I’m Kailani and I’m 15 turning 16 in a few months. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 10 years ago in December. I’ve been homeschooled for 2 years now so it’s hard for me to make friends and I was hoping that maybe someone would like to be friends :relieved:
My Snapchat:kailanicazarez
My Instagram:kailani_cazarez

Welcome to the community, Kailani! One suggestion for finding diabetic friends is the local JDRF chapter. Go to, and you can find the chapter in your area. Very often the chapters will have groups for young diabetics. Let us know what you find.

Hi Kailani! I’m also 15 turning 16 soon and I would gladly like to be friends and add you to a snap gc with other diabetics if you’re interested:)

I will be 15 at the beginning of the year and I would love to connect with you, my email is: