New Gary Scheiner Book

Until There Is a Cure: The Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care by Gary Scheiner

Haven't read it but it had great reviews by the diabetes gurus I respect the most...

"It’s the most compact overview we’ve seen of “everything that matters” for [people with diabetes]. If you’re newly diagnosed or a “born-again” diabetic just now returning to better management, this book will quickly get you caught up to speed. Or perhaps you are a family member or friend looking for an easy-to-read “everything but the kitchen sink” guide to diabetes. If so, this is it."
- Allison Nimlos, DiabetesMine

"The fact that Scheiner lives, works and essentially breathes diabetes means he is tuned in to changes that could affect a person with diabetes. For those new to the disease, the book works as a general primer to understanding the complexities of how insulin production (or replacement), other medications, food, exercise and emotions could all affect your life. But for the person who is already familiar with diabetes, the book offers nuggets of detail in the form of Trend boxes."
- Cheryl Alkon, DiabetesMonitor

"This book provides clear and concise information in an efficient manner on just about every aspect of diabetes management. I would recommend this book for anyone new to the diabetes scene or for people with diabetes that are in a rut but unsure where the next step in their diabetes care should be."
- Christopher Snider, A Consequence of Hypoglycemia

"READ IT. Gary has seen into my soul. Reading this stuff is like a foot rub."
- Katy Kililea, Bigfoot Child Have Diabetes

"Until There Is a Cure: The Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care is a good introduction to current treatments, medicines, and d-technology. Even being a seasoned d-mom myself, I learned a thing or two."
- Leighann Calentine, D-Mom Blog

"Until there is a Cure" is a great book to educate ourselves on how to perform a better job in diabetes self-management with the most up to date information on treatments and technologies, empowering us to deal with the different daily situations that diabetes will challenge us."
- Mila Ferrer, Jaime Dulce Guerrero

"There is some great information on medications as well as devices such as meters, insulin pens and insulin pumps. There's a lot of info on internet resources as well as software. He does a great job at explaining the different factors that affect BG that are sometimes overlooked like emotional considerations."
- Chris Scully, Canadian D-gal

"Despite the daunting content, the book was surprisingly light and easy to read. It is a great resource for the newly diagnosed Type 1 or Type 2 person living with diabetes. It also provides some great information for veterans and those who are diabetes information junkies."
- Barb Wagstaff, Diabetes Advocacy

"I would encourage all doctors who don’t work in the diabetes specialty care field to read this book! Why? It would keep them up to date with credible information from one of the most trusted individuals in diabetes care."
- Tim Brand, BleedingFinger

“Seeing the evolution and complexity of diabetes management, Scheiner has taken all his personal experience and clinical knowledge and combined it into this book. Until There Is a Cure: The Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care is truly a hands on book that leaves no part of insulin-dependent diabetes management unturned. From medications to exercise to monitoring to avoiding complications, Scheiner discusses it all.”
- John Parkinson, Diabetes Care

"The only thing more tiring than managing diabetes can be reading a book about managing diabetes. Thankfully, Gary Scheiner has taken the tedium out of such text, using straightforward language that anyone can follow without a degree in Endocrinology. Schneiner's book is short and to the point. Until There Is a Cure: The Latest and Greatest in Diabetes Self-Care covers the important topics concerning diabetes self-care without bogging readers down with useless information. As a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes, I highly recommend this book for anyone with this disease in their life."
- Dan Masucci, writer/director of "DxONE," the first dramatic narrative film about type 1 diabetes

"All written in an easy-to-read tone and designed to help YOU better understand what you need for your own life with diabetes"
- Ginger Vieira, Diabetes Daily