New Hampshire

If you live in New Hampshire and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

Hi my name's Sarah and I live in Swanzey

My name's Katie and i live in Concord :)

Hi Im in Londonderry NH.

Are we really the only three people from NH??? I have a hard time believing that. We need to do some recruiting or something!

It’s been a month since my son was diagnosed. He is 4yrs old. My wife is looking for connections in New Hampshire

Hi Mort @Mort77, Welcome to the TypeOneNation Forum! And welcome to your son who has joined “the Club” no one wants to join.

There is the Northern New England JDRF Chapter located in Manchester which you can contact and probably meet with other people / families living with diabetes. A link to the NH Chapter:

I miss my ski house in the White Mountains and the wonderful people I met while being there for many years. At the top of this page [and on the main JDRF site - ], you can use the “Resources” and “Events” tab to find some very helpful information and guides along with other sources to help you help your son. And feel free to visit here and pick up tips and to ask any “diabetes related” questions - there are many regular visitors here who have lived with diabetes for many years and decades.