New here

  My name is Brandon. I was diagnosed January 31st of this year with "the signs of late onset juvenile diabetes". I didn't pay much attention to that and went on with my life. The beginning of November I ended up in the hospital because of Diabetic ketoacidosis.  I've been on insulin for a bit more then 3 weeks now, and I think every things going well. I got my weight back up, and my sugars are almost in a normal range (quite the feat, from being unreadable in the hospital).

  I stumbled upon this networking site, and I have fallen in love. So much useful information, and it's nice to see peoples stories. Enough of my noise.

Hold on a second...they diagnosed you, but didn't do anything to treat it right away or educate you or anything until you were in DKA? Seems like they should have had you start treating right away...

Welcome Brandon,

  This is a great place for help and friendship. I also am "late onset juvenile diabetes" (lol). I found out I was type 1 in ICU DKA (Diabetic ketoacidosis) last aug./08 at age 52. Happy New Year

Hey Brandon, I too was diagnosed this year in Feb they said it was type 2 and I wasn't getting better then finally in August of this year the endo diagnosed me with type 1 and I started on insulin shots and now the pump, I am so much better now, this site is the greatest to learn lots of information. I was diagnosed at age 46. What a shocker for me...

Brandon, i was diagnosed 11 years ago. not a fun night. But i guess im somewhat thankful for Diabetes. Don't hold anything just put yourself out and try to live as normal as possible. I find comfort and friendship from everyone here so i know what you mean when you say you fell in love with juventation. well anyways welcome. we love newcomers.

hey the names fred and the same thing happened to me except i like blacked out for like 5 days and then they relized wat it was and like im a big football star in my school so its been tuff but its all worth it so dont give up

Oh, and I forgot to say welcome. Juvenation is great. (=

Thanks to all. Good to catch a glimpse of some stories.  I'm really starting to like this place. Also, Peanut butter saves lives.