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Not sure how this will be recieved, but here's the blog I've kept since April Fool's Day 2010.  Coming up on a year and looking to "pay it forward" so to speak... Finally beginning to feel like we are starting to know what we're doing... we doubted that last spring.  Kept the blog as a form of "Venting" or therapy...  I'm told it might be a tool for someone in the throws of it like we are.  Really writing it in the hopes that I can one day go back and remember our first year...

Jimmy is 6 and was diagnosed at 5... Enjoying your posts and wanting to respond to several... in time.  Right now, I have to download his pump information for our 4 month check up tomorrow!


Hi. I dont usually respond to these. But our grandson was recently diagnosed just 2 months ago. (spent Christmas in the Hospital). Anyway, since he has come home, he was done pretty well with the shots and finger poking. I just wanted to ask you...Did your son experience stomach aches?? The doctor say's they would not be related, but he never had them before this, and he gets them alot!!! Ralene


Has the Doctor checked for other endocrine problems?  Like Celiac, Thyroid and Addison's?  My son had stomach aches after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and hypo-thyroid at 16 .    It ended up that he also had Addison's Disease which is when the adrenal glands do not work.  He was not diagnosed for 2 months after his inital diagnosis and was very sick.  His stomach hurt and he would sit hunched over because he did not have a lot of energy.  I did not know enough about diabetes and thyroid to know that this wasn't normal.  Addison's is rare so they did not check for it.  Two different doctors did not believe me when I told them that I suspected it- including an emergency room doctor during an Addison's crisis.    Luckily my son's main endocrine doctor listened to me. He is fine now. 

Keytones can cause stomach aches too.  Does he check for them?  If my son has a stomach ache - he tests for keytones. 

 Don't give up.  It's not normal to have stomach aches. 

Tim's mom