New injections cites? the ones i use now are slowly becoming lumpy!

I am currently using my upper arms (front and back), my butt (overall), my lower back, and my stomach (overall). My stomach is most lumpy, and im starting to notice sometimes i go high after i do a shot because it doesnt absorb compleatly. I need to find some new injection sights that i can use while the ones i mentioned before heal (how long should that take also?). I heard people use the tops of their thighs and sometimes even the insides. Can someone give me some good places where you, or someone else you know has used as an alternative sight, that actually work and absorb well??

You can give yourself an injection anywhere there's fatty tissue. Technically, I could give myself a shot in my face because of my chubby cheeks, but I choose not to ;o)

Have you tried using your hips and not just your butt? You can also use your thighs. I tend to not use the top of my thighs because of muscle, but the sides (especially closer to my bum) seem to work well. I also do shots all around my arm, except for the inside where my bicep is (for the same muscley-reason). My belly has a lot of "real estate", as well. I go high and low (both above and below my pantline) to increase the area I can do injections. I go all the way up to my ribs and around the sides as well as down low below my underwear line.

I use an insulin pump - so these are all areas I would an infusion set, but we have similar problems with scar tissue and poor absorption. If you are open to it, I would try some new areas for injections you haven't explored before. Between belly, hips, bum, and thighs you should be able to find quite a few areas to inject.

Good luck!