New insulin?

Trying to save on humalog cost we purchased a vial of lyumjev insulin. Pharmacist told me about it. Online says it’s the same active element but activates 10 minutes faster. Saved about $100. Testing over past couple of weeks indicates no difference. Testing with both insulins.

My endo gave me a bottle of Lyumjev to try out. I tried to detect differences, but it seemed to work pretty much the same as Humalog; I didn’t notice a great increase in speed of action. Medicare pays for insulin 100% when you’re using a pump, so costs don’t directly affect my decision. I’m back to Humalog for the time being.

Steve @Grasshopper , Lyumjev is a Lilly ULTRA-Rapid acting insulin and Humalog is a Rapid-acting insulin, both analog formulations manufactured in similar, both "Insulin Lispro but not identical fashion; Humulin-R is a Lilly rDNA FAST-Acting insulin.

The Lyumjev is designed to react its onset action in the body a few minutes sooner than Humalog, and the big difference ib the formulations is that the Lyumjev completes its action much quicker than the Humalog - that makes a significant difference in estimating active insulin working in the body when calculating future doses.

If you want a less expensive insulin that is the same as Humalog [retail price $325] your pharmacist could recommend Insulin Lispro [retail $168] , manufactured by Lilly in the same vats at Humalog - just different labels slapped on the vials.

I have used Fiasp for over three years and the profile is similar according to my endo. I have the 780g pump and my AIT is set to two hours and it works great. The only issue is that I had to slow down the injection speed to avoid any pain in the site.

I wanted to see how the older less expensive insulins compared when using a CGM so I walked into Walmart and used Novolin-R for 6 weeks after 6 weeks of following results with Humalog (Insulin Lispro) using MDI. Results were similar and the Regular Insulin costs $25 per vial - although my average insulin use increased slightly. TIR was 81%. I did this to show that with good technology you can actually use less expensive insulins.