New insurance = new pump?

Hello everyone, I hope you can answer a couple of questions for me.  I was recently married (YAY!) and have aquired my husbands insurance, Anthem Blue Cross.  Previously I was on Medi-Cal which really sucked, but still, I got a pump through them.  In 2003 I got a MM and in 2007 switched to an Animas becuase of the horrible experiences I had with MM (looooong story).  I love Animas and would like to upgrade to a Ping and a Dexcom CGM (I have never had a CGM).  My endo wants me to go with MM, but I would rather not unless I REALLY have to.


Will my new insurance upgrade me at no charge even though I have another year on my warranty? 

Apparantly Animas no longer has a rep in my area.  Will this throw any monkey wrenches into the process?

What should I do next?

Thank you very much, any information would be greatly appreciated!

Well insurance issues are always challenging. I always wonder (and I am sure someone else can answer it) but it seems like if you change insurance companies than you should be able to get another pump if endo allows. The fact that you have one already is an expense of benefits from your old insurer not your new one. THey may ask if you have one etc but not sure on that obviously.

If you wait another 6-8 months (hopefully) then Animas is coming out with their PIng that has the Dexcom CGM built in.

At this point you need to consider your own needs and what pump you feel will help you better control your numbers. Pumps are an individual choice and just about every endo I talk to (and I talk to many) will tell you that and not recommend one over another. It might be a comfort level with the endo (he knows the various screens of the MM etc and is comfortable with that.


Animas has a great customer service site and the people can help you out with any question and might even link you to a trainer .

To be honest, you really can't go wrong with either pump. It is awesome technology but you are already pumping so you know that.  I too am trying to get a cgm and interestingly enough I have Anthem Blue Cross too.  Yesterday they asked me for 30 days of blood tests.  Thank goodness the blood test meter stores those things.  I sent 'em back and will find out more on Monday.  I am going after the Dexcom.  My endo wanted me to go with minimed too.  But relented since I am the one living with it.   My pump is out of warrantee and I am waiting until the dexcom and the ping communicate.  I really like that the dexcom censor lasts 7 days and with the ping you don't have to use their infusion sets, but can shop around.  Users seem to like it.  I am really miling my Medtronic pump hoping it will last another 6 to 8 months.  It is on borrowed time.  But it works. 

Mimimed sucks go with dexcom.