New Jersey

If you live in New Jersey and want to find others that live in your area this is the place!

Well i do live in New Jersey, so I will sit here and see if I find anyone else in the area. Although I may have to wander over to New York.

heyyy i live new jersey

Jersey Lovvvvve

I live in south-ish jersey, about 15 minutes from philly.

Of the few that live in Jersey and responded to this, the majority are named Brian..

that means I'm from Jersey too

i live near trenton

I'm in central..near East Brunswick (Middlesex county)

I happily am hiding in South Orange right now, but I live up North two minutes away from Mountain Creek.

I live in Jersey- Morris County.

Cindy who is your endo?

Brian since you had asked Cindy who her endo was, I figured it was due to her being in Morris County. I go to one in Morristown, Dr. Anna Kissin, she is part of Endocrine Medical. Which is a decent practice. I have been there for more than 8 years at this point and have been happy with them.

yeah that's why because my endo is in Morristown too.  I go to Dr. Starkman, part of the pediatric endocrinology unit of Morristown Memorial.  I've been seeing him ever since I was diagnosed and he's pretty good.  I'll have to find a new endo within the next few years though since I'll be too old for pediatrics, but I'll probably try to find someone a little closer to home.

Dr. Starkman was my endo. for many years. I started with his partner Dr. Sills before she transferred out of the office though. I really liked him, although when they moved the office from the little building to the site that they are in now I always felt odd going to it. The building is definitely tailored to the younger crowd and those of us, that are 16+ or in your case college age and still seeing a pediatric endocrinologist it is just odd. Dr. Starkman, after I hit 19 persuaded me to switch to a "grown up" endocrinologist. I can't remember the reason why, but it had something to do with being past a certain age and if I ended up in the hospital up at school for some reason he would not be able to help because he was a pediatrician so to speak. That is when they recommended the place I go to now. I was referred to one doctor, Marie Nevin, but she was so backlogged with patients that I saw another guy. He was good too, but eventually he left the practice about a year ago to go and teach in Philadelphia.

That's interesting..he never said anything to me about having to find a new endo.  We both know it's coming, but just never had the talk about it.  Maybe I'll bring it up at my next appointment and see if he could recommend anyone closer to where I live (he's over an hour drive from me).  But I totally understand with the whole child-like atmosphere at the new office.  I think my problem is just the face of letting go.  I've been diabetic since I was 3 and he's been my doctor ever since then so it's just weird to go to someone new.  I'm also looking into getting a pump, so if that happens I can switch doctors around that time so I'm combining all the new stuff into one event.

Letting go is hard to do, but it does give you an oppurtunity to find out different things and even treatments. There are so many things that I learned when I left Starkman. Not because he did not teach me what I wanted to know, but each Doctor has a different focus and as you move on to someone new they could have either a different outlook or different ideas when it comes to treatment.

As you begin the search for a new Doctor it is good to ask around. Try to get different opinions from people if you can find anyone. Because looking for a new Endocrinologist is kinda like car shopping. You hope to keep the Doctor for a period of time so you want a doctor that will keep you happy. You want one who till help you and not just see you as a file and move on. If Starman is able to give you suggestions of people closer to you, as you seem to want to get out of Morristown, make sure when you call you ask the offices the important questions. Ask about the pump and see if they do that, if they have a trainer for this. See if they have the support system of Nurse Educator, Dietician, stuff like that.

I mean if you end up going on a pump it is essential to have the support you need from the beginning. I feel like I lucked out when I went on the pump. The nurse educator who Endocrine Medical employs was really helpful. Very nice, and very attentive. The first few days she called to check up on things periodically, asked for numbers, changed basals, made suggestions and everything else. It was truly amazing and aside from the needles, painless.

If you have any questions feel free to ask, send a message, etc.

hi,i live in princeton,nj

I used to live in NJ and Dr. Starkman diagnosed me back in 1993!  That's crazy!  When I hit the teen years I wanted to see a female MD so I switched to Dr Cerame (i think that's how she spelled it).  They had the coolest office with the fish tank and everything.  I never had an endo in NJ outside the pediatric dept., though.

hello, i'm also in morris county, pompton plains to be exact. i joined here in order to meet fellow diabetics in my area. been diabetic for 24 yrs now. way too long. it's been difficult lately. i will try and fill out my bio soon, just joined.  does anybody here go to any local support groups? i've tried some in the past, but most were mainly older type 2's. just a very different disease really. thanks for any replies

B-O-R-O, boro, boro go, GO!!

Hillsborough all the way!!