New log sheets needed

The log sheets I use now to record Gavi's blood sugar numbers was perfect before he started novolog, but it pretty much has enough room for only 6 blood sugar tests (we mostly test 4 times per day, sometimes it can be around 6 or more) and not much room to write how much insulin I give him. Does anyone have a link to an easy to fill out log sheet with enough room for everything? 

I made my own using microsoft word.

I would send it to you but it's on my computer that crashed! :(

Hello rakgyk,

I am not sure how you feel about online log sheet programs but I use Mycareconnect and it works very well.  I started using it when my Animas Ex-Bg program stopped working on my laptop.  Look into Mycareconnect you might like it.

This is what we use.  It's for pump patients, but you could just ignore or modify some of the rows.

My daughter got the Eli Lilly Children's Log Book while working at Diabetes Camp and I actually use it for myself. I have tried several, and this one is my favorite. I actually like it in spiral form, but it can be downloaded from here as well:

Thanks! I have all of his blood sugars since day 1 in a binder and now that he's on novolog I want to try and keep in nice and simple. After looking on Google I also found this one I like