New Medtronic CGM

Does anyone know when the new Medtronic CGM is coming out.  The one I have is the clamshell size (about the size of quarter) and must be changed out every three days. The new one that Medtronic is coming out with would be the third-generation CGM and is available anywhere in the world except for in America where the FDA has not approved it... YET.  My endocrinologist assurers me that HE will get clearance to prescribe this device within the year. But it seems like every time I go in,  he says over and over and over, "The FDA has not approved it yet" 

I could get one at home, in London, but the endocrinology clinic's in America are not set up to read them yet.

You change the sensor needle out about once a week and the needle is microscopic compared to what Medtronic currently has to insert.  And from what I have read on the internet, my doctor and understand from Medtronic, this sensor provides a lot more medical information to your endocrinologist.

I really wish that the FDA would approve it soon. Does anyone have any more information on this?

Jason, that is my exact question. I have been using the CGm snce October of 2011. My chest is all scarred up from inserting the sensor in every 3 days and still have issues removing the large needle. I called medtronic for a update and they told me. They couldn't give me a release date. It is in the hands of the FDA. They told me it has been their since 2011.

You don't have to change the sensor every three days. You just hit "start new sensor" and it goes for 3 more days without anything. You can do that for day 7 also. Then you have to recharge the transmitter but it will go another 3-6 days. I use mine 10 days usually before I put in a new one. If the reading is not correct just hit start new sensor and put in the correct reading. I use my thighs for the sensors and I am sure to cover the sensor and transmitter with opsite flexifix tape. The tape is waterproof and the sensor doesn't move so it stays accurate. I too am awaiting the new enlite sensor which has been available in Europe for several years. The FDA has approved it. I think they need the pump to also say 6 days so they are waiting for their new pump to be approved. Not nice of them.

hi Jason,  just saw this.   I have the medtronic CGM too.  I think Medtronic is trying to get approval for Enlite with 7 day label, and the 530G pump at the same time which could be one reason for the delay. I can't find a darned thing about it other than it' european launch in 2011.

I am wondering though, what do you mean the "clinics in America are not set up to read them"?  The Enlite is a personal CGM that feeds CGM data right into your pump including the revel and the older paradigm in fact "The Enlite Sensor is labeled for use with: MiniMed Paradigm® REAL-Time System, MiniMed Paradigm Veo™ System, Guardian® REAL-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring System, and the iPro™2."

meaning your doctor doesn't download anything.

did you mean the iPro?  that's the clinical accuracy CGM receiver that does NOT feed data into your pump but is downloaded and evaluated by your doctor.  It's not the same as the Enlite system.  

anyway yes I agree with Maureen, just lie to your pump or Guardian and tell it you replaced the sensor, I get 7+ days out of a sensor when I am wearing them even though it's considered off label.