New Medtronic Pump

I know there is  a post out there about getting supplies and such.  I currently use a DME company that does a lot of business with Medtronic so they do not ask me to by my 20% co-pay - they are legit as many times the products come directly from Medtronic.  I was offended to find that this company was not charging me the 20% and I always bought directly from Medtronic and they gladly requested my 20%.  

Anyway, now I am getting ready to buy a new pump.  My DME dealer said they do not do enough business with Medtronic with pumps to get a discount as they do with supplies, so they could get me the pump, but suggested I find a DME dealer who does a lot of pump sales with Medtronic.  


QUESTION:  Do you know of any DME dealers who sell a lot of Medtronic Pumps or ones that will give you a discount on your co-pay?  I have Blue Cross of FL and while I could call the 300 DME dealers on their list I was hoping to save some time.


Thanks for the help!



I never knew you could get a discount on the co-pay!  Sorry I don't have any recommendations.