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hi i am a 13 year old and i am on a pump and i am sick of diabetes


hi Nafinny,

I am on a pump as well. We all get sick of having diabetes at one point or another. So I def. know how you feel. What kind of pump are you on? I have a Minimed paradigm. When did you get diagnosed? I was diagnosed November 25, 2000.


I'm new to this online site. Just wanted to say that your both lucky you're on the pump. Ive had diabetes for seven years and still havent been put on the pump. Only issue is that my A1C is too high and my blood sugars arent normal. I am sick of being diabetic.

Hi Tasha, interesting...I've had D for 27 years and will just begin using my first pump in the next couple of weeks...I was always told that I didn't need a pump because my A1C's were already good (usually about 6.2 or so.)  So I always understood that pumps were reserved for people who needed help with their control. 

Just like everything else - we all have different experiences which seem completely can get comical sometimes if it weren't so sad!  ;D

hi i am 13 years old too i am sick of diabetes also and i am on the pen