New OmniPod PDM?

I know this is kind of old news, but I just recently learned of the new PDM from OmniPod. I already have the old one and love it. Does anyone know anything about, or use, the new one? Is it worth the upgrade? I would appreciate any insight at all. Thanks!


You can find a number of reviews out on the web so I will try not to duplicate too much of that... For me, the screen was a minor issue but they fixed the static issue, improved the case, added a USB connection for the computer and have it downloading into a plugin for the Abbott Co-Pilot software.  For me, a Navigator user also -the software was the home run, since my Navigator was downloading to the Co-Pilot software already.  If you ever tried their old software, you’ll understand that any break away from it is definitely a step in the right direction!

Insulet also (finally) added the strip port light so you can more easily test in low-light situations.  They didn’t test it much real-world, however, because you will need to cover the well illuminated screen to be able to see the blood drop illuminated by the less-bright-more-recessed-strip-port-light.* 

I was slightly annoyed that they reduced the battery life by about a week, too… That said, I have both and I’m not going back – so for me it was well worth the 150 dollars. 

I have not bought any but they also came out with a line of brightly colored covers for those with a trend/fashion eye…

Did this help at all?!?!!?



* rant The lack of  strip port lights has been a big pet-peeve of mine for a lot of years.  Almost every meter (and now pump controller) has a back light on the screen.  This creates the illusion that you may be able to use it in low-light situations.  The only thing it lets you do is review previous readings.  When is that more helpful than getting current values?!?!?!?  Finding a small drop of blood in a dimly or unlit environment with no light on the strip port is a pain.  Yes, you can find/use a cel or something else – but- if you’re going to have the backlight- why not spend the extra 3 cents in manufacturing?  And on the PDM – “we want you to be able to see the screen and give insulin in the dark without being able to do a finger stick,” seems to send the wrong message… so yes, I was really excited that they added it – and yes, i wish they’d tried to use it –but it is a HUGE step forward from where it was!  /rant