New Omnipod system NOT working for me

I'm currently pregnant (30 weeks now) so the recent pod problems I've been having are especially concerning to me.  I very rarely had pod problems with the old system.  Since switching to the new system, I've had about 10 pods fail on me.  A few were pod error alarms, the rest began leaking during boluses.

Customer support has been agreeing to replace my pods but they have no advice for my leakage problems.  The cannula never actually comes out of my skin, but when I take a bolus insulin leaks out around the cannula window and soaks the sticky pad.  I've had many hyper/hypo episodes from trying to "make up" for the pod leaks by guessing how much insulin to supplement with a syringe.

I'm ready to take a sledgehammer to all my remaining pods and burn down the Omnipod factory.

Has anyone else had problems like this since switching to the new system?

I'm not an Omnipod fan, but had a similar experience when Minimed switch one of the infusion set designs a few years ago.  The new sets would get clogged and came off easily.

Be vocal in your complaints.  Contact the manufacturer EVERY time you have a problem.  Most manufacturers don't care about complaints until there are a number of them about the same issue.  

I also encourage you to send letters to the manufacturer detailing how the bad pumps are impacting your health, especially since you are a pregnant woman.  That will likely get you a call from customer service, which will give you another opportunity to share the problem.  

In my situation it took a couple months and, with lots of customers complaining, Medtronic went back to the old sets.  

So how is the OmniPod overall?