New Parent

My name is Juliette and I was diagnosed with T1 25 yrs ago at the age of 8. I became a mom for the first time 2 & 1/2 months ago; any advice for dealing with diabetes and parenthood?


My advice would be don't  forget about yourself. I did ok with taking care of myself after my first daughter but while pregnant with my second daughter the first one was diagnosed with T1 as well. Then I was really stressed. after the birth I saw my endo a month or so later and got a lecture on how baby can cry for 10 seconds while I check my blood sugar. I now make it a point that when I sit the girls down to eat I check my blood sugar, if they nap (ha ha it doesn't happen) I check. I have just had to keep mentally reminding myself that I need to do certain things in order to keep myself healthy and be around to see my babies grow up. I have learned just little tricks and you will do the same. The true test will be once baby starts moving around and you have to figure out a way to distract him/her so you can eat or take care of yourself. good luck!


Are you nursing? If so, I'd also advise to be careful of lows!

I agree once the baby starts moving around, it's tougher to test, etc. But, my son is turning 2 this Thurs, and I have to say it gets easier and easier. Hang in there! Give yourself a break when you need to, and know things will settle down eventually. (:

Thanks- I am nursing and trying to lose the baby weight, so have had to lower my basal rates quite a bit! I've actually had a couple of pretty bad lows- thankfully my husband was home, but it scares me to death (like lows weren't bad enough before I had to worry about someone else!). I'm glad to know it gets to be easier, or at least more tolerable:) Aime, how old was your first daughter when she was diagnosed?  Did you notice the symptoms right away? I'm so worried about daughter getting it; in fact, my nephew is 4 and was diagnosed 4 weeks ago and my sister is 5months prego. I can only imagine that stress!!

First of all, congratulations, Juliette!  I was diagnosed with T1 33 years ago at the age of 6.  I have a wonderfully happy, healthy, active 9 year old daughter.  As stated by other Mom's, just keep doing what you do.  Your baby can wait while you test, bolus, eat, etc. and it DOES get easier. 

Best of luck and enjoy EVERY cuddle and cry because they'll be gone before you know it!  ENJOY!!!

Courtney was three and a half when she was diagnosed. It will be 2 years in 2 weeks since her diagnosis.  Yes I noticed the symptoms right away. i caught it so early the doctors couldn't believe it. But I always knew that there was a good possibility of her ending up with it so I was overly paranoid.  So far Kelsey is fine. She is one and a half and I have checked her blood sugar probably a dozen times. I find myself even more paranoid with her but I keep my fingers crossed she will not get it. As far as Courtney I just remind myself that there are so many worse things she could have been diagnosed with.  At least my husband and I already understood it and really didn't need to learn a whole lot. It still wasn't easy but now i make it fun for her. We have contests over who will have better blood sugar when we get out of bed and silly things like that. Good luck with the baby and don't forget to take care of yourself and at times baby will just have to wait while you take care of your needs.

First, congratulations! Enjoy every second - it goes by too fast.

I have 3 children (none have T1). Each pregnancy got harder to control my sugars. And while chasing after the older ones - I forgot to test often. That all changed when one night I was too tired (and 7 months pregnant) and didnt want to get out of bed to check. I finally did a while later and my sugar was 14. I should've been dead. After that I realized how important it was that I find the time to take care of myself for the sake of my children. The baby can cry for a minute while I test and as they got older - they understood more. My youngest is only 14 months but I know he will catch on soon. One of my daughters actually told her preschool teacher that her sugar was low and needed extra candy. I guess she heard that oftern from me.

Just take care of yourself first - you want to be here a very long time for your child.