New perants of T1D!

Good Morning to all!

Past few days has been completely overwhelming! My son, who is currently 11 yo was just recently diagnosed with T1D. I’m here to learn about this illness and would like to see there are any other local families or focus groups here in the Tucson Arizona area. As parents we are taking this diagnosis pretty difficult. We’ve gotten great help here at the hospital, but we’re really worried about how it would be once we leave the hospital. Any info would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you,


Gabe @alva000,

I hear your concern and con understand for what you may be feeling about caring for your son. Believe it or not, you your partner and your son will survive and diabetes management will just become a part of his life. Certainly you will need to help him develop a “healthy” lifestyle especially in getting sufficient exercise [can you actually slow down an 11 y/o?] and choosing his foods wisely; who knows, but by helping him your whole family may benefit.

There are many good tools available to assist him and you manage, tons of good information and many people with T1 experience ready to share what they have learned - success stories. For some reason, I’ve worked myself into 60 years learning how to live fully with diabetes and not let anything keep me back; all done without the great tools such as BG meters - in my early T1 years a blood sugar test took two days to get results.

Here is a link to a page from Diabetes Forecast Magazine Tried and True" tips for parents of children with diabetes.

Good luck to you, your learning curve will be long- I’m still learning - stay in touch,


Just a warning looking to see if your son needs a 504 plan at school.

My daughter has had diabetes for a week and half. Yesterday at school they told her they wouldn’t give her a shot because they didn’t have the time.
After making several calls about this I learned that in order to hold the school accountable we need a 504 plan. We’re in Utah and I’m not sure what other states do but from one mother to another please please please look into this.