New pump sites

Hi! My name is Mikayla, i have had type one since i was 11, but just recently got an omnipod system. I was just wondering if anyone has an sites for pods that they really like. any help would be appreciated, thank you!

Hi Mikayla!
The omnipod has a variety of insertion sites. Arms legs belly. For me, I found starting on my upper left side of my belly, having pods inserted going down and then back up on right side with insertion pointing toward the belly (about 8 insertions/16-24 day cycle); and then around again-insertion pointing away from the belly (now 16 insertions- 32/48 day cycle) helped keep it easy to remember. When I thought I was having insertion problems, I switched to my back with a similar pattern. So basically it’s at least two months before i used the same injection site. If you can add in arms & legs - even longer time. I had too much trouble with clothing and arms/legs. Dexcom is on hips (rt/left/in/out - gives it 1 month in between sites as well). Hope this helps

For Insertion problems, I mean absorption problems/scarring.