New pump user - Medtronic 670g

Hi there,

I am one week into using the new pump and I am finding site changes to be a bit painful.

I am using the Medtronic quick set 6mm.
When I use the quick setter for the insertion, I find it stings and hurts for a bit afterwards.

Is this normal?

I am also considering switching over to the mio for various reasons, any feedback on those?

Thank you!

I’ve been using a medtronic pump for over 33 years. Historically, it is always 1 step forward two steps back. Years ago when Medtronic began with the inserter devices I found them to be painful compared to as I had previously done which was insert them myself. The only set that I like is the Sure-T Paradigm. I use 6 and 8 mm needles depending on where I will insert. I continue to tap the needle into a site and neither size hurts the way those self serters do.

Welcome Amber @Amberleedyr to the TypeOneNation Forum!

Yes, a bit of a “sting” is quite normal for any / all infusion sets just as a sting or can be felt with a pin or needle prick. For many years I used the QuickSet with both 6mm and 9mm sets and would occasionally feel a little bit of hurt - but the hurt or itch would go away fairly quickly. I found that the hurt could be eased or forgotten by lightly rubbing or massaging around the insertion site - I’d massage around on the white adhesive part and this would also make certain that the tape was tight.

I tried three sample Mio’s and if I remember the pin=prick on insertion was the same as with the QuickSet. All the needles these days are a “piece of cake” compared to the 27 gauge 1.25 inch insulin needles I had to use in the 1950’s.

Thank you both for your input!
The sting has gone away now. However, the first site I put in didn’t actually go in and was bent under the tape, I guess that’s why it hurt so much.
:roll_eyes: all in due time I guess lol