New Pump User

Medtonic sent their certified insulin pump trainer to my house yesterday and I've been wearing it since about 8:30 pm 7/05/2010.  I am already noticing much tighter control over my numbers.  The bolus calculator is the best!  I am wearing a paradigm 723.  It is pink and I got a funky hot pink and zebra print skin to put over it.  I decided, hey if I'm going to wear a pump I might as well make it look less medical. Plus I work with kids, they love the new look!

I used to wear the pump when I was in high school.  I didn't like it for many reasons.  I was teased and kids literally ripped the pump right off of me and laughed.  The popular boys chanted "Hey baby what's your pager number?"  Obviously, what they think doesn't matter, and most of those boys screwed up their lives anyway.  I also had trouble wearing dresses with that darn leg strap and the pump did not feel very convenient to a 16 year old girl in California.  The point is that some of my earlier concerns carried over to now.  How do you wear a pump and feel confident and safe?

My best friend (fashion designer) and I are working together to develop new and better attire to make wearing the pump safer, more convenient, more comfortable and a better way to hide it in a cocktail dress!  Let's face it ladies, the leg strap sucks!  How can you hide a pump in your bust without it looking awkward?  How does a girl in the HOT summer climate wear a pump unnoticed and in the most convenient way possible?  My best friend and I plan to tackle this issue along with many others this summer.

My goal is to make functional attire that is affordable and enables us all to continue feeling cute.  If anyone wants me to give them updates on our progress add me as a friend and I'll keep you updated.

Nice to meet you!  Ciao!


Hi Kellie! A pink zebra really would be funky. Lol! Good luck with your pump and your designs for functional attire.


Hi Kellie! I like the sound of what you are doing with your friend, I hope it works out well. What I usually do is just wear cute shorts that have pockets in them and just keep my pump right in the pocket and then tuck the tubing into the shorts. When I wear a dress..if I can't wear it in my bra without it looking awkward..then I just wear short shorts that have a pocket under my dress and keep the pump in the pocket. Pockets are my best friend. I hope this helps a little!