New Pump with no extended benefits

Hi All,

My current pump is on its last legs and I need to buy a new one...i have no extended benefits so it's going to be an out of pocket purchase (eek!). Anyone have any tips, know any used for sale pumps or any tricks? I live in Vancouver BC...



Switch to Medtronic Pump.  They will give you a $500 credit towards a new pump as long as you turn in your old pump.  It doesn't have to be one of their pumps, it can be any brand.  Also, it doesn't have to be in warranty.  At least you would get something out of it!  If that doesn't seem like a good idea, you could possibly donate your pump.  There is a 501c3 organization called iPump that donates pumps to people who cannot afford them (  That would then give you a tax write-off.  Good Luck.