New Pump?

Right now I have the Animas One Touch Ping and I hate being attached to it all the time, I tried to get a new one but the insurance won't pay for a new one. Now that my warranty is up can I try to get a new one again? I have Blue cross blue shield but  I switched to a different insurance company then back to BCBS. And I switched endros since I last tried to get a new pump. They have these new patch pumps like the omnipod coming out, so I really want to switch, is it possible? 

My understanding is that insurance usually pays for a new pump if it is out of warranty AND there is something wrong with the old pump. It is likely different for every insurance company, but after the pump is out of warranty, they do usually cover a new one.

Alex is correct. Co-pay doesn't go away though. My insurance company's have provided me with three so far, as well as CGM supplies.