New Pumper Questions

My 8 year old daughter started using an Animas pump last week with saline only.  We see her endo in 2 days where she will be switched over to insulin.  Can't wait for that!  My question is, how was transitioning over from MDI to pump therapy for any of you?  Was it a long time before you got all your pump settings adjusted?  I already know they are going very conservative on her basal rate to begin with, which makes me nervous.  I guess I am trying to figure out how long it will be before we have a good balance worked out using the pump.

We are also very new. Brandan (almost 4 y/o) just got insulin in his pump about 2 weeks ago. We are still adjusting settings. I email the log to his nurses every few days so they can make adjustments. Good luck to you and your daughter! Let me know how it goes for her. :)

My diabetes educator also started me out with conservative basal rates (which was a good thing!) when I went on my Animas pump almost a year ago; it took about 3 months to get the settings adjusted but I'm still learning how to alter them when I eat foods with more fat, for example, and use a combo bolus or when I exercise. I imagine your daughter's rates might change from the summer to when she goes back to school. What was helpful for me was having a great diabetes educator who I could call or page with questions for those first few months. I hope things go well as she makes the transition!

When I got my pump the transition didn't take long. My daughter got one at 3 and it was longer like maybe a week or so. At this age they are changing so rapidly that by the time you get everything right where you want it, a week later something has to be adjusted. The nice thing about the pump though is that when those changes need to be made you can do it right away and see the change quickly. Watch blood sugar levels very closely the first week or so and go from there. The pump is great for all ages and I know she, and you, will love it. Good luck!

Thanks everyone!  I was just getting comfortable with her Lantus/Humalog and now we have this change coming.  I am SO happy she is going on a pump though!  I can't wait to see the improvements it will make in her BG's and hopefully a1c's.  We go to Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh and I know we will be calling in every morning for at least a week for adjustments.  I just wasn't sure if the change from Lantus to the pump basal was going to take days or weeks to accomplish.  Looks like it might be quicker than I was expecting.

It was super easy. I just started my pump on monday and already love it. I live really close to my endo's office so I just go in during my lunch break and thats when they adjust all my levels. Its been the easiest transition for me.

I love my Animas One Touch Ping.  My Doc and I were able to make the trasition complete after about two weeks.  The final adjustments were only minor.  For me, it was easy.  But I understand, you are the mom and you have to work with your daughter.  Be patient, but if your daughter is an all-star (I'm convinced you are one already) don't be afraid to over achieve.  MY A1C has been no higher than 6.1 since the pump.  Good Luck and Happy Pumping!!