New Pumper

Hi everyone!

So my 5 yr old daughter Jillian had her saline start last week and this past Tuesday her insulin start with her Animas Ping.

I am going to call the pumping support this morning but she has been running higher for the last 2 days. We are going to do our night basal test as soon as I can give her dinner and have her finished by 6 pm. I am thinking something is not right with her basal dosage. I know it is not a site issue as she is neg-trace with the ketones and her number will come down after bolusing.. I just don't like the fact that it goes back up to 200's.

This plus the stress of getting her infusion site right with the inset 30 (which was way more tedious than expected and I gave her the most wicked bruise from a bloody site :(  :( ), the every 2 hr checks....I am feeling slightly discouraged right now!!!

I just want to get this right and I know it is all about time....any tips would be very much appreciated!!


Don't be discouraged.  It takes time to get basal rates set and get used to a pump.  Since you're brand new know that it will take a while to set the basal rate and it will continue to change as your daughter grows.  As an adult I still tweak my basal rate a couple times a year. 

200s happen.  Even with a pump the basal rate can change or you can have the wrong carb count.  Everyone is nervous when they do infusion sites at first.  Sorry you had one bleed on your first try!  You'll learn the spots to use and it will get easier as you get more practice.  If it's too difficult ask the Animas rep for other infusion sets to try. 

Do you have John Walsh's book "Pumping Insulin"?  It's a great resource.