New Relationship

Hi friends.

I have recently entered a new relationship with a man that I care a lot about. I have shared some information with him about my T1 diabetes but at this point I need some advice... I was diagnosed just over a year ago and up until now I have not been in a relationship or had to share all this information with someone I am pursueing. So far he has asked some questions because he does want to learn and be able to help me in any situation. When he does ask, I tend go into great detail and confuse him. Should I get him a book? Is there one out there titled My Girlfriend Is Diabetic-What do I need to know?  :)

Another concern of mine is that I will make too much of a big deal over the fact that I have it. I do not want him to feel like he is responsible for too much. Due to the fact that we are in an early dating stage we go out to eat a lot and have a drink or two... my BG has gone low on two occasions where I needed him to fetch OJ.

 I would appreciate any advice as to how to go about the situation.

If that book doesn't exist, someone needs to write it soon! My boyfriend of 3 years has not handled my new diagnosis well at all. He has an intense fear of needles and he flipped when I explained the whole glucagon thing to him.

I googled books for partners of diabetics and someone on TuDiabetes recommended:

Type 1 Diabetes for People Who Don't Have It by Lisa Powell

Apparently it's a Q&A style and isn't really intense like a lot of books for Diabetics.