New Religion/Spirtuality Group

Hi everyone,

I have created a Religion/Spirituality Group here

If you would like to talk about these topics you can now post them into that group. If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.



This is a very complex subject. I would be interest to know how people feel about spirituality or more specifically religion. I am very confused about religion and really don't know what I believe - or if I believe in a god at all. It does scare me sometimes that I don't believe in something or a god - mainly because, as all of us probably have feared from one time or another, I wonder if one night I will bottom out and not wake up... I didn't fear this so much until my good friend, Daniel, had this happen to him. He died. 


What do you guys think - is there a certain one "god" and way and if so or even if not is there really a heaven & hell?

You know what, all these religious posts are starting to make me uncomfortable here. Let's discuss these questions in the new group Gina created. That way you can join it if you're interested or avoid it if you'd prefer to discuss D.

thought i was posting in the group - oops - sorry.