New t:slim Insulin Pump

A few weeks ago the t:slim got FDA authorization.  It's a smaller, cooler insulin pump.

I saw that! It is pretty nifty looking. There are a couple things on my "wish list" for this pump (skins or alternate exterior colors, among others), but I think this is the pump I might go with when my Animas warranty expires at the end of January. I was contemplating holding tight to see if the Animas Vibe might be approved in the US during 2012, but now that I'm completely incapable of wearing the CGM (horrible allergy to the adhesive), it's not something I'm considering anymore.

Maybe I'll end up with the T-slim. We'll see what happens :o)


I'm excited to see one of these in person to see what it can do and what it feels like.


I am new to this site and trying to connect with other moms of kids with diabetes.  How do I do that?  And btw, I did see that thew newer and smaller pump...that is exciting!

Hi Kelly,

You can check out the Parents forum, that should help you some.

I am definitely looking forward to the official release of this pump!  I want to see what it's like and how other users feel about it before I commit to it, but just from looking at their site I'm definitely interested!