New T1 3/7/16

My name is amberjean, I was diagnosed on 3/7/16 with T1 diabetes. I spent the first week in the hospital, treatment was mostly for a kidney infection. They taught me very little about diabetes except how to inject insulin and test my blood glucose. I now have a good doctor who sent me to a one day class on T1D and I’ve been reading/researching everything possible.

I am a high school student and have not been to school since diagnoses because of spring break. Tomorrow is my first day in school with diabetes.

About me: I was born in Hawaii and lived there until Aug 2015. I now live in California. We will be moving back to Hawaii when school is out in June. I’m looking forward to meeting others my age with diabetes.

Hey amberjean, I know how hard is for Td1. I went in for a rash that would not go away and for keytones. I will tell you one thing I may or mat not get easy again. For me it is hard, you will have sometimes when you want to be like everyone else. Don’t do everything like everyone else, it will get You in big trouble. I learned the hard way, I don’t want anyone else to do the way I did. I t is hard not to take shots and your sugar. When you get up to 5 to 6 years or more it is part of your daily things to do. If I were you I would go to It is an Great place to learn about Td1. One thing people say all the time is Td1 and Td2 are the same thing. If someone says that Td1 and Td2 are the same you tell them so just say no there not, For one fact I have to take shots and the other one has to watch out for what they eat. Oh btw Diet soda is not that bad, nor is anything sugar free. There maybe some food that you cant have because they raise up your sugar. For me it is Ice cream and Pizza, I have learnt to do things different. If your school has something to high od carbs have a slade or something. If you have any questions or just want to talk text me on this and I will happily get back to you.

Hi amberjean,

I’m sorry you have to go through this, but it sounds like you’re getting great care. I would’ve loved to have a class when I was first diagnosed! You also sound like you’re really motivated to figure things out, which is fantastic. That desire to learn all you can will really help you out!

I definitely know it can be overwhelming and frustrating as you try to get back into your normal life routine after a diagnosis. But you can find a routine that works for you, and while things won’t necessarily be easy, they will start to feel more normal. You’re probably in for a few weird/uncomfortable/frustrating conversations with friends, family…sometimes even strangers, but if you ever need to talk about anything, I’ve found that this group is a great place!

Thanks for the replies, I’m starting to get it together, I went to school today for the first time as a diabetic. It went well and I feel a lot better now that it is over. I have a great doctor, I’ll hate go give her up when we move. I’m living in California now but will be moving back to Hawaii where I grew up.

There don’t seem to be very many posts here. Another forum I subscribe to has a lot of posts every day

Let me echo what the others have said in that I am sorry that this is something you have to go through. I’ve been diabetic now for 25 years and I know the first times when you are learning the disease and dealing with the change is very difficult. If I could offer a bit of hope I will tell you it does get easier and less confusing as time goes on. I will also say that your potential to live out your dreams and do the things in life you are passionate about are still there. Diabetes DOESN’T TAKE AWAY POTENTIAL! I had a good high school life, enjoyed College, now have a family, and diabetes has been along for the ride, but it doesn’t steer the ship if that makes any sense. :slight_smile:

I have a blog that specifically talks about the my diagnosis that may interest you. A lot of it deals with athletics as I played in the NFL for 5 years so I tend to lean that direction in my posts (I have only written a few), but maybe they will be helpful to you. Don’t know how to link to this but its “” if your interested. I’ve learned some good tricks of living with Diabetes from some other peoples blogs as well.

God bless you Amberjean and please reach out to the community around you (JDRF,Facebook,American Diabetes Association) as I have learned so much from other diabetic living with T1D just through random communication. Organizations like JDRF would love to help you find a support system. You sound like a very bright kid and I bet your going to do great with T1D!

I will tell you it does get easier and less confusing as time goes on

I have heard this from many others on other forums. When I first heard it, I didn’t believe it. Then after hearing from so many I thought it was becoming a bit repetitious. Now I am beginning to believe it. It is getting a bit easier, not easy yet, but easier.

So far I have learned enough to keep me alive, I still to learn more before I could live anyway near a normal life.

I’m not a T1D but my 16 year old son is. You mentioned in your post about another forum that you post to that has a lot of messages. My son is struggling right now and I wanted to let him know of some places he could go for support. Would you be willing to share the other forum info so I could give it to him along with the jdrf site? I think he would feel comfortable here and I hope that he might find a T1 friend he could confide in about his struggles. thanks

The other forum that Amberjean (and I) are a part of is diabetes daily. I have learned more from that forum than from any doctor! There are hundreds of years of combined experience from people who are willing to help.