New T1D 7 year old boy

My son was just diagnosed on 4/13/22 and his bg runs in the 300’s most of day and goes up into the 500’s some days around lunchtime. We are doing dosage for carbs and long lasting at night is this normal for first few weeks. They have changed his insulin scale 3 times but we feel it climbs after he eats first thing in the morning throughout the day.

Hi @bcryder87 and welcome to Type One Nation most pediatric endocrinologists are conservative. It’s less dangerous to be high (a little high) than low. Still, I hope they have given you a nurse or CDE or other specialist that will work closely with you (like every day at first) this first year. Insulin requirements change. They change in me and I’ve been doing this a long time.

You end up making all the insulin and carb decisions eventually. I hope you have the right support. The basics are that insulin makes your blood sugar go down, and carbs make it go up.

Please consider buying the book “Think Like a Pancreas “. You can also review your observations with his doctor. They will likely adjust the insulin dose.

Please feel free to reach out and ask anything. Cheers and good luck :four_leaf_clover:

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Hi @bcryder87 and welcome to the forum. Doctors may be okay with keeping numbers higher than normal for someone who is recently diagnosed because their body may be in the “honeymoon stage” where it produces is own insulin - unexpectedly and irregularly. Regularly running in the 300-500s is cause for concern though. You’re only a couple of weeks in and it can take some time to find the dosage and even timing of long lasting insulin, not to mention the ratio needed to cover his carbs.
Intensive recordkeeping is key of your not doing it already: whether you use pencil and paper, or a tracking app, make note of everything he eats and drinks, along with the time; and same for insulin and exercise. This will help you and your doctor find patterns that can help with adjustments.
When I’m running in the 300s no amount of insulin will even start to bring this numbers down until I’ve flushed out any ketones in my system. Frankly even if none show up on a test strip (maybe they haven’t had time to get there yet :thinking:? I find a couple of big glasses of water or sugar free beverage does help get the process started.
Keep working closely with your doctor. Again, it can take time to find “the right mix”; that said, if you feel uneasy about your doctor don’t feel bad about “shopping around.”