New T1D want to try Omnipod Dash Trial


Ive been T1D for about 3 months now. I thought id try the omnipod dash. They offer a free 30-day trial. Before ‘i put this thing on’ is there anyone on here willing to share their experience if they have any with the dash?

I feel like once i meet with that clinical sales rep to get me setup, they’ll harass the crap out of me to fully sign on. It’d be good to hear other users experiences, recommendations, or cautions with the system.

Thanks all!

Hello @JakeVA I’m interested in the new omnipod 5 because 1) they are promising integration with Dexcom and 2) they are doing away with that PDM in favor of a phone app. Once those are available, I’m in.

Since pumps are a highly regulated industry, if you tell them not to call, you have a really good chance of them listening. I’ve had to threaten Medtronic but they immediately stopped calling me.

Good luck

@JakeVA Hi! So I don’t have an Omnipod, but a TSlim with the Dexcom G6. IMHO if they let you “try it on” Go For It! Why not?!? – In terms of what to say if you decide the Omnipod isn’t for you - all you have to give is a simple statement about a feature that you can’t live without that is absent in the Omnipod: eg. “I’ve decided I really prefer the pumps with tubing.”