New to 670g Automode... it keeps getting my numbers high

It seems I keep high numbers everyday at around 5pm… sometimes a little early or later depending on what happens that day. The weird thing is this didn’t happen in manual mode, and I took less insulin for my basal rate. Is there a way to get the system to learn it needs to be more aggressive during that curve. I can lie to the pump but I’m concerned that will teach the pump the wrong thing and just have me using less basal and the next day it’ll get worse. Another piece of information is it often has me taking little to no insulin the hour prior, I’ve just made a change to my carb ratio for lunch and I hope that will make a difference. I love Automode except for at 5pm!

I’m just another 670G user, not a pro. However, I’ve gradually gotten my numbers adjusted so that my blood glucose stays pretty manageable except when I make mistakes or encounter unfamiliar food. You don’t say what your meal schedule is, so it’s hard to even offer a conjecture about what might be happening to you at 5pm. One thing that comes to mind, though, is that you might have your active insulin time set too high. If the pump thinks you still have active insulin in your bloodstream longer than you actually do, it will fail to increase the basal rate as soon as it should. I had to drop mine to 2:45. Just my 2c.


Work with your doc to adjust carb ratios and/or basal rates. Are you using carelink?

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There are no basal rates in auto mode. The pump uses fully automatic micro bolus which cannot be adjusted.

You may wish to join the Medtronic 670G Support Group on Facebook. You can search for issues and read about solutions others have come up with.