New to CGM - Abott Freestyle Navigator vs. Paradigm Real Time

Planning to use the CGM and in Belgium iam offered one of the 2 - the Freestyle Navigator from Abott and Paradigm Real Time from Medtronic. Being pregnant for the first time, the crazy sugar levels are making me really crazy. So i am looking for a CGM system that will be most realiable and useful in maintaining my sgr level between 70-120 ( big dream huh ? :) ). Well any inputs on which of the two CGMs is better would be great. Thanks ! 


I think the Minimed one is vastly inferior without any new technology. The Navigator was discontinued in the US I believe and is a bit more bulky but the data tends to be more useful.

I've said this previously but I believe that the most common site for the Minimed Paradigm CGM is the junk drawer.

No potential for Dexcom?