New to CGMs: Waterpark Prep

Hello, Everyone! We are brand new to using CGMs; right now my husband is using the Medtronic Guardian. We are planning a trip to an indoor waterpark (Great Wolf Lodge); what tips do you have for making sure the CGM stays in place, especially if he decides to go down one of the big slides with our son?

Hey Jen,

I’m currently using the Dexcom G6, and I have found that the easiest and most surefire way to keep the CGM secure is using a pre-cut adhesive patch that can typically be found on amazon.

hope that helps!

I use Dexcom G5 and wear mine on my abdomen, well under my waistband. I gave up on bikinis years ago :grin: so my swimsuit keeps it in place. In another post someone shared that when they are playing sports and have it on their arm, they use an arm band for protection (I imagine something along the line of the reflectors people wear when it’s dark).
Does he wear a pump? I don’t know about Medtronic’s water resistance but generally speaking it’s best to keep them from getting dunked. They may have some water resistance (check your model for details) but that kind of exposure could be rough on the device. I used to wear a Minimed and still have the waterproof sport guard that came with it.
If he’s on shots, no worries.
Enjoy Great Wolf!! I’ve heard great things about it and hope to go someday.

He’s not on a pump yet, so right now we just have to worry about not losing the transmitter. We’ve been looking at maybe using vet-tape over his arm.

Great Wolf was really great on the phone. They allow medical devices on almost every slide (esp. if any metal or plastic is covered and secured), and they allow guests with medical conditions and food allergies to bring food/drinks into the water park area (although managers reserve the right to ask for proof, like your name on the insulin). So, we should be able to prevent lows that can happen with running around all day.

Sweet! Thanks for sharing the info and enjoy your trip!