New to CMGs!

I just recently got the Dexcom G4 I’m excited to start using it! Does anyone have pointers about it, like where to wear it, any problems you had (if any) or CGM tips in general. I got it because I run everyday and want to monitor late night lows.

Hi Gabbie, I was also very excited to get my Dexcom G4 earlier this year.  The CGM has made a big difference for me and has been one of the keys to lowering my A1C by more than 2 points over the last year.

I have not had many problems with it.  At first I wore it in the recommended places, but then I branched out and experimented a bit.  I find that it is most comfortable and out-of-the-way placed on my chest, a few inches in from my armpit.

One tip is that you can wear the sensor for longer than the recommended 1 week.  In theory this can increase your chances for infection, but I have never run into this problem and I often go for 3 weeks on one sensor.  At the end of each week you have stop the sensor and start it again, which means waiting for the 2 hour warmup.

If you run into the common problem of the adhesive coming loose, you can hold it down using Opsite Flexifix or a similar medical adhesive tape.  I use a small strip above, below and to either side of the sensor.

One curious thing I have found is that my reading goes up about 20 points when I take a hot shower.  I don't have an answer from Dexcom on this, but I infer that the reaction they are measuring is temperature-dependent and that they don't fully compensate for this shift.

Best of luck,


Thanks so much Eb :slight_smile: I am trying out some out of the way places because the kids I babysit would bump it a lot on my stomach. And I am having trouble with the adhesive so I will check out the medical tape and hope that helps! But so far I have been loving it