New to dexcom, have some questions

I just recently started using a dexcom (and I love it-except for the first night where I was low the whole night and it alarmed like every 15 minutes, but that's besides the point).  Anyway, I'm supposed to change my sensor tomorrow (its been 7 days), but I have heard many of you state you keep yours in for longer.  I would like to try this as A) it's still sticking very well, B) its still agreeing well with my BGs, and C) I'm not made of money :D

My question is, how do I go about fooling the machine into thinking I've switched it?  I need basic step by step instructions here :)  Will it go through the 2 hour period again where it's not reading? 

Also, I used to be a stomach sleeper.  I"ve had a pump for 10 years, and occasionally would hit a bad site and not be able to sleep well on my stomach, but I'm having a heck of a time adjusting to not putting pressure on my site so the sensor doesn't get angry and stop communicating.  Anyone have any tips for this?  What about laying on your stomach to read, or do yoga, etc.

Overall I like it so far, and I can't wait to print off the data for my doctor appointment in 2 more weeks.  :)

Hmm...and on a completely different note, does anyone know how to edit your "signature" with this new setup?  Want to add my CGM start date :D

I've made mine last longer by just restarting the sensor on the receiver but not actually changing the site.You will have to wait the restart periodof 2-3hours again but you will not have to change the site. Mine has only normally lasted just a few more days over a week. This is not FDA approved  to do for more than 7 days as my health care provider made it very clear but many people do it, and I have too.