New to form what pump?

Hey everyone so I’m kinda having a dilemma. I’m on the 630G and due for a upgrade in oct but can pay 400 and upgrade early kinda want to upgrade to the 670G because I need better control I dont have a cgm due to unstable lows or should I wait for the 780g? Help

@Jharrison7422 Hi Jeremy and welcome to the JDRF TypeOneNation Forum! IO trust that you will fond support here, hear responses to your questions, and that you will offer us information and tips of what you have learned during your years living with diabetes.

I don’t intend to “burst your bubble” and sound too negative, but “JUST” changing to a different pump will most likely not provide you with better diabetes management. Particularly, in your upgrade from a 630 to a 670, the difference in pump - without CGM - is minimal. From what I’ve heard, the soon-to-be released 780G if paired with a good CGM should help you avoid “lows” and improve your TIR [Time in Range].

I do hope that you will soon be able to find a solution to your “unstable lows”.

Ya my endocrinologist said whenever I upgrade I’ll be able to get a cgm from what I hear auto mode on 670g is good but the 780 would be amazing what do you think?

@Jharrison7422 Jeremy, from what has been published, and a few comments from testers, the 780G will correct some, or all, the complaints made by users of the 670G. Dependability of the Medtronic sensor will be paramount for a good system - I’m assuming, based on Medtronic/MiniMed past performance that the pump itself will be well engineered and manufactured.

I have not used the 670G, so my response is based solely on what others have told me - I’ve had personal conversations with users of the 670G who are extremely pleased; I came very close to getting a 670G including holding the pump in my hands and meeting with a couple of Medtronic representatives. I instead chose the Tandem t-Slim x2, after having used MiniMed pumps exclusively, first by itself, then with Basal IQ technology and currently with the really awesome Control IQ.

The slim offers auto bolus corrections dont they? Juat need something to help when my sugar is higher and can bring down on it’s own or going low it stops delivery

If your a1c is above 7, the 670 will be useful. If the a1c is below 7, you’ll hate the pump with a passion. If you’re serious about the 670, Google it, and you’ll see most of the people that had the pump have either abandoned it or are using manual mode only. The pump is a complete nightmare to use.

If you’re considering the 670, my advice would be to wait a month and get the 780, which Medtronic have addressed all the issues with the 670. The trials just ended for the 780, it will be submitted to the FDA shortly. The 670 got approval in less than 3 weeks. The same will probably happen with the 780.

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Oh wow the 780g is set to be that soon you think? I saw people in a Facebook group saying late 2020 or 2021

No. They were hoping for a April/May launch, and they’re on schedule

Hi @Jharrison7422. You have a few months before you get a new pump but you don’t have to be on a pump to use a CGM. I can’t speak for Medtronic but Tandem’s T-Slim has a separate receiver, and some CGMs connect to your smartphone.