New to forum, help dealing with first seizure

Hello everyone,

I'm new to this site. My 12 yr old had her first seizure this past Saturday morning. I took her to the ER and she is fine now. But I'm not. I can't get it out of my head. I'me so upset I can't eat or sleep with worry. I would just like to vent to other moms, dads and care givers how the felt and how long it took for them to over come this awful feeling. 

Anyway thanks for reading this. 

Hi Coleen.

That definitely sounds rough. I know that I'd be sick with worry. Jon is ten and has had T1 for a couple of years. He has never had a seizure, and I don't think that seizures go along with Diabetes. I'll be curious to see what others say, as I may be totally off base. I don't think I've ever read anything about seizures being related to T1. What did the doctors say? Did they say the two are related?

Seizures are wicked scary. I've only seen one person have a seizure - an adult, and it was a number of years ago. I was terrified, but I believe the main goal is to keep the person safe. I was glad that another adult was around, because that thought never entered my head.

I'm sorry you're going through this. It really stinks. Like I said, I'll be curious to see what others - or you have to say about T1 and seizures.



Oh yes, it was diabetes will cause seizures...from lows and highs....

do a google search and you will find they are very common.

My daughter wad diagnosed with T1  at the age of three in 2007. Over the last two years she has had some seizures. At first we freaked out and got out the glucagon and took her to the ER. Our endo didn't have much advice to offer except lowering her basal at night and kind of acted like it was no big deal. She had more after that, but there was no consistency with the blood sugar numbers. Sometimes her sugar would be low other times normal. Last Christmas eve she had a big one. Convulsions and all. I was at work. My husband called 911. She had all the classic stuff after a seizure, vomiting and pretty much non-responsive. She had a CAT scan in the ER. Through our pediatrician, we were referred to a neurologist. The neuroligist informed us that the seizures had nothing to do with her diabetes. It would have taken a bs of under 25 to bring on a seizure. Hers never dropped that low and was really inconsistent. Her EEG was normal. So, he thinks she'll outgrow it. This is how they normally look: she has spasms. and stares straight ahead. She doesn't remember them afterwards. She always 100 percent of the time has them while sleeping, and after she's slept for a while. No clear answers, but I thought this might help.


thanks for the response Susan. yeah Lynn's happened at about 8:45 am while she was sleeping and had been all night. you said at first you would use glucagon and take her to the you still do that. I didn't use our glucagon but put cake jell on her gums. All i could think about is if I use glucagon I will have to call 911 and it will be really happening. the jell worked great btw took her from 58 to 126 in just a matter of minutes. But she did start dropping again about 10 min later to 86, but then I had her around enough to drink a juice box. I took her to the ER after that and she was only 106 when we got her there. I just wish I could get the images out of my mind. I can't sleep or eat with worry...she is 12 and I really want her to be more independent with it, but after this its all I can do not to quite my job and home school her and never let her out of my site again.

we only used the glucagon the first time out of sheer panic. I have seen Anna Claire seize many times and it is always scary every time. With Anna Claire, the seizures never happened during waking hours. Also, like I said, it would be highly unlikely to have a seizure from low blood sugar unless the sugar is at least in the 20's. We were told by on e of the ER physicians that maybe her blood sugar was lower when the seizure started and the body's natural release of  hormones from the state of panic brough it up some. The neurologist did not agree with this. We have found in our daughter's particular case, that she has done this with totally normal blood sugars. There is no rhyme or reason to it. The neurologist was very sure that her diabetes has nothing to do with her seizures. I'm not so sure. Obviously, I am sure it's not from low sugars.One thing I am confused about is the normal EEG. It would be interesting to see how many, if any, other kids have developed this type of thing. My daughter had T1 for two years or so before this began.