New to Group - Hi, Everyone!

Hi all! I was so happy to find this group. My 5 year old daughter was diagnosed almost two weeks ago and I’m excited to connect with other parents.

My husband and I are both Type 1s and both have pumps. On Wednesday, 5/21, we noticed our daughter was drinking a ton and urinating constantly so we checked her with one of our meters. We’ve done that periodically with both of our kids (she has an 8 year old brother) but never had I seen anything other than a normal number. This time it said 452. I couldn’t believe my eyes and checked her again. Then it was off to the hospital. Thankfully we caught it very early because all of her labs were good (except glucose, of course, and her A1c was 7.7).

We are obviously already schooled in all things diabetes (carb counting, dosing, etc.) but it is definitely different when it is your child instead of just you. I keep thinking of how I will send her away for a sleepover, etc.

Glad you all are here! Support is crucial - looking forward to getting to know you.

Hi @annewiz!

So glad you found us! We have a couple of parents AND children with T1D here. I am glad you were proactive and found out so early. How is your daughter doing with everything? The upside is you can all learn from each other. Welcome to TypeOneNation again and if you need anything around the site shoot me an inbox message @gina.

Have a great day!


Hi Gina! Thanks so much for the welcome. She is doing really well so far. She is already performing her own glucometer tests, and over the last few days her fussing over the shots has decreased dramatically. So far, the three shots she’s had today (one of lantus and two meal-time novolog shots) have had ZERO complaints. I can’t really believe it. We have a little routine where she cleans the spot with alcohol, then we have two hugs, two kisses, and then the poke.

We also have a diabetic dog who gets shots, so that helps. (I know - can you believe it? LOL.) We adopted the dog earlier this year from a woman who couldn’t handle the shots, etc., and I thought, who better than a couple of diabetics to take care of this dog? So now my daughter thinks of the dog as her “shot sister.”


I love the two hugs, two kisses part! That is so special and probably makes her feel so good! “shot Sister” how cute! I am so happy you are all getting by that is wonderful!

Wow–even a diabetic dog! My guess is that she is adjusting well because shots and testing are a normal thing for you and your husband (as opposed to a kid who has never experienced any of this and is the only diabetic they know).

I am the only child of two T1s myself. I was diagnosed at 18 months old, so I don’t remember life without D. However, from my experience, having that “family” setting just makes it all seem more normal. It was like a morning ritual for us all to sit around the kitchen table and draw up our shots (and then of course wait 1/2 an hour to eat!). So many parents are scared of a diagnosis like this and worry about the future, but you already know that life will be just fine after diagnosis. You got this!

We were also active in our local JDRF chapter, which at the time held monthly events for families like Halloween parties, ice skating, picnics, etc. To my knowledge my chapter doesn’t do that anymore, but maybe yours does. It might help you to connect with others locally. And of course, I always advocate for kids to go to diabetes camp. I went for 13 years myself–8 as a camper and 5 as a counselor. Definitely some of the best times of my childhood! Plus, it gives the parents a break for a week.

My point of advice here is to help your daughter connect with other kids, just like you are looking to connect with other parents. Although we have lost touch over the years, one of my best friends growing up was another girl I had met through JDRF. Her family moved to another state when we were 9–otherwise, we probably would have remained close. (we did write each other letters for awhile but you know how that goes). Good luck!

Hi again!
Thanks for the warm welcome. KSmerk, our social worker is hooking us up with the local diabetes camp and group that does exactly what you’re talking about - parties, picnics, skating, etc. She is excited about it. We also discovered that there is another 5 year old in our neighborhood, one street over, that is type 1 and they will meet soon.

I went from feeling “I got this!” to “OMG THIS SUCKS” late last week, but I’m coming around again. I think it had to happen, to finally just feel those emotions. I’m okay this week, but she is very emotional now - doesn’t want to be separated from me for a second, etc. I know this is all normal as we find our way with these new parameters.

Thanks so much for your responses and care.